Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Dove of LOVE's Goodbye ♥ UPDATE ♥

When you are sorrowful look into your heart and you shall see that you
are weeping for that which has been your delight.  ~ Kahlil Gibran

For those who know me and have read my blog you know my absolute joy in the Dove of LOVE who began to visit me shortly after the June 25th, 2010 Dove of LOVE Release for Michael Jackson. For me this lovely shimmery, taupe colored bird was always a miracle. Miracles to me come in small ways... not so much the old testament type where the lame walk and the blind see. Although I do believe those miracles are alive and happening in this world today as I have seen the power of God's LOVE heal the sick. God is a God of ALL Time not just old testament time. Michael Jackson knew of God's power. He read the Bible each day and knew God's strength. He humbly, sweetly and gently shared God's healing power with many around the globe. He quietly and meekly went about making that change in literally thousands upon thousands of lives. There are stories of Michael praying over children and their cancer disappearing. I am not saying Michael healed them what I'm saying is that the God that Michael always turned to as his source, revered, honored, loved and worshiped healed these people through Michael's prayers and touch. It happens everyday by everyday God loving people as well. Michael Jackson had yet another precious gift and it was the gift of healing. Yes God's power is real and miracles are real. However it's not the large miracles of faith that keep me going but rather the small miracles of everyday life.

I talk to God, to the Lord Jesus Christ, all day long about this or that. My creator is my friend and knows every last detail of my heart and being. I pray for His holy guidance everyday, being an imperfect erring human I need it desperately. God seems to know I need these little miracles in my everyday life to bolster me and many times has blessed me this way. Then again maybe I just have my eyes and heart open to see them at the right time. In any event there are times when there is no doubt that ONLY God could make that particular instance happen. Some may call it fate, destiny, coincidence, the universe or what have you... I call it God and a miracle. My faith in Christ is strong and these little miracles bolt down my faith, deep seated in my heart. I do not waiver... I know as a result of my faith in Christ I am blessed with God's unfailing LOVE and protection. I Am Not Alone. No matter what I may stumble through in life and I do... and many times not so gracefully... I know Jesus is there...  always there... carrying me if need be. 

Doves are not uncommon; however I had lived in my home over 24 years when this particular miracle, a dove, which I named Michael (of course) came to visit for the first time. (For the full story read my original blog post "Dove of LOVE").  I'd never seen doves EVER in my neighborhood let alone my back yard. So when he swooped down and touched my right shoulder and said, "Hello" in dove speak on that first day I was utterly amazed and enchanted to say the least. He came many times since then and at times even fluttered before me as if he had something very important to tell me. Sometimes he would land on the roof outside and swoop past my sliding window to beckon me outside for a visit. For me it was no coincidence that the dove, Michael, made a visit and appearance in my back yard when I most needed assurance and encouragement. Sometimes I'd be in my car just driving off down the street and he would fly down and swoop in front of my windshield as if to give me a hello, a blessing of sorts for the day as I left on my journey. Somehow we were connected... he was for me a gift from God. My Dove brought Hope, Love and bolstered my Faith. There have been times when I have questioned what I was doing or why I was still so involved in the MJ community and a visit from my Dove would assure me I was on the right path. Yes he was definitely a gift from God.

One day he showed up across the street in the neighbors drive way looking at me very proudly strutting and with him was another sweet, shimmery, taupe dove, just a bit smaller than he and a bit lighter in color, just as beautiful. He was showing off his new mate to me, she was lovely. They stayed for a while and I watched as they walked and pecked along the cement ground together. That was the only time I ever saw them on the ground. A vulnerable, dangerous place for birds. From that time on they were always together. Visiting in my tree or perched in the neighbors apple tree, a favorite spot for them. Also the high pine trees of my next door neighbor were a favorite place to perch and rest. However they always came back to visit me in my Giving Tree serenading me with their coos.
So grateful now I was able to get a pic of the pair in my Giving Tree
My Face Book post on March 27, 2012 - attached to the above picture 

I just learned my visiting doves are not Turtle Doves but Ring Necked Doves. They are gentle, tame easily and also mate for life. Humans could learn much from them. How they came to live in my backyard I have no idea except I now have learned they are native to this area. Having lived in my home for over 20 years I'd never seen doves of any sort until after Michael Jackson died. It frightens me that they tame easily in this cruel world, especially with my very skillful, Ninja, hunter cat, Niko, close by. Yet everyday now the doves come to visit... right outside my sliding door singing the song God created them to sing. Are they sent just to me for this moment in time? Yes I believe so.

They have been visiting since I took part in Michael's 2010 Anniversary Dove Release. First just the male and then he brought a mate just as beautiful as himself only more delicate. Of all the homes in my neighborhood, and there are thousands, they fly in and sit in my Giving Tree daily and sing to me. Well to the LORD really but I am their personal audience of one. They don't care if the yard or gardens are kept up or not or what I have on or even if I'm standing there in my nightgown and robe. They just flutter their wings up into the air, landing to sit close by when I enter the yard, sweetly watching me for a while, then they are off to somewhere else, soon to return and sing again.

I've come to look forward to their cooing. Such a lovely sound from such gentle creatures soothes my heart and calms my mind. Sometimes God has to stop us in our tracks to speak to us in a way we will hear. Remove all the toxic people so we can hear His voice. I am grateful the LORD chose this way to speak to me. In every daily visit true perspective is restored... all else ceases to exist... the doves, me and the LORD united as one for those brief fleeting moments. They have become a tangible, grounding tether to God, to LOVE, to real purpose and meaning.


Now recently over the week of June 25, 2012 a wonderful, loving MJ fan, Gi, came to stay with me in my MJ room. Daily we would sit at our computers to jump on Face Book for a quick bit before heading out for our Michaeling adventures, she at the kitchen dinette table and me in my chair. The sliding door open allowing the full choir of birds chirping to fill our ears. She blessed me by saying she'd never heard so many birds singing before and yes the Doves were always cooing in the nearby trees. I was so happy one of my friends could experience that uplifting sound with me. Not sure if it blessed her as much as it did me but I so love my choir of birds each day especially the doves.

The most painful tears are not the ones that fall from your eyes and cover your face. It's the ones that fall from your heart and cover your soul. ~ unknown

Yesterday July 7, 2012...
For some reason the three year death anniversary of Michael Jackson hit me very hard this year. I was so busy with planned events, sharing time with visiting MJ fans and Michaeling all over Southern California that I don't think I really felt much of anything on June 25th. Exhaustion had set in by that day with only a few hours of sleep each night and a very busy schedule... so really all I felt was numb. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the MJ fans and attending all the events but the real reason we were gathered hit me like a ton of bricks this year only after June 30th. I have been resting up and laying low for a week now, physically exhausted and trying to enter back into the real every day world. Then yesterday the anniversary of Michael's internment hit. Yes I say hit because it was for some reason a very difficult, emotional day for me. I had wanted and planned to go to Forest Lawn; then something told me to stay home. I was already struggling with feelings of grief like I hadn't felt for a while. Personally I have dealt with the grief of loosing Michael Jackson and don't cry like I used to the first year. I think I've healed and am moving on a to a new place then a wave of grief at a different level sets in... like yesterday. The feeling that Michael Jackson should STILL be here hit me so heavily. The deep and tragic loss of someone with so much talent, so much good and so many plans for his life all tore at my heart. I am so much better than I was on June 25, 2009 yet it's still there and now I accept it will never leave. Michael is gone and never coming back. I will never ever understand it... such deep grief for someone I had never met. Yet there it is. It's real.

Yesterday on this same day, the 3rd anniversary of Michael's internment I was sitting dealing with these tumbling thoughts and emotions as millions of MJ fans around the world do on Face Book and online. Posting and sharing the LOVE with my MJ friends, striving to attain a sense of healing when I heard an unusual noise in my back yard.

My hunter cat Niko was sitting next to me so I knew he wasn't up to any of his tricks. Thinking immediately it must be my strange neighbor I tend to ignore and dismissed the noise at first. The slider was open and again both Niko and I heard the noise and looked toward the backyard. Niko bolted out the kitty door to investigate. I heard it yet a third time and then I too went out back to see what the heck was happening. Looking around and listening closely I saw and heard nothing, even Niko was now not in sight. Thinking I was loosing my marbles I let it go and turned on the water to give the garden a fresh, cool drink. Then as I stood under my Giving Tree my Dove came and touched my arm... the very same way he did the first time we met. This time however was different. I sensed a problem. He touched my arm then landed into a potted plant in front of me, looking up at me. Niko appeared from no where and lunged at him getting some of his feathers. I screamed for Niko to let him go and shooed him away reaching down to gently pick up my Dove. At first I thought Niko had harmed him terribly. Then realized Nikos jab only displaced some feathers and there was no blood. He was definitely traumatized from something but I had no idea what. He was looking at me like he wanted me to help him. Standing there so powerless, no clue what to do, utterly shocked and unable to help him, holding him to my heart, willing him to be okay, hoping my heart beat would bring him some life I prayed for God to heal him. Thinking he may just need to gather himself from some trauma for a bit I continued to hold him. Knowing that occasionally a bird will fly into a window or wall and temporarily shock themselves. I gently held him, stroking his feathers, hoping for him to catch his breath and perk up. Then took him farther out into the yard away from Niko and lightly let go so he could try to fly, wishing him to fly, but he had no strength and landed in another potted plant. So I gently scooped him up and took him inside thinking I could call animal control for help. My mind was moving very quickly and I remembered years ago a sick homing pigeon loosing his bearings and landing in my garage. Giving him shelter and bird seed I called animal control and they put me in touch with a homing pigeon enthusiast who came and took him where he could be cared for... so I thought maybe I could call animal control but then realized they are closed on Saturdays.

Michael, my dove, continued to look at me with his little red eyes. I'd never seen him so close, never seen his glistening taupe feathers so close. He was very beautiful. Never so close to see him breath, let alone touch him. He was wild and free and not meant to be in human hands. I prayed my human touch wasn't traumatizing him further. I just didn't know what else to do. Then I thought maybe my neighbor could help. So I set him down on the soft cushion where my lovely Lily kitty loves to curl up and opened the front door. As I turned back to gather him up in my hands he began to fade in my hands. Turning back inside, in tears I sat down in my chair held him in my hands on my lap, listened and watched as life left him and he took his last breath. All I could say is, "NO and Why?"

Thou O lord, art a shield about me, you're my glory and the lifter of my head. Hallelujah you're my glory and the lifter of my head. ~ Psalm 3:3
This is how God works. He meets us where we are. He loves us so much, that He gives us a song or a Dove or a scripture or a friend to encourage us along life's way. He truly is the glory and the lifter of our heads! This is what my Dove, Michael, was to me... the lifter of my head. In his presence I looked up out of myself to the heavens where the power of my creator comes from and knew there was still hope and goodness in this world.

There is no coincidence that God would bring this lovely, beautiful creature into my life under my own personal Giving Tree in 2010 just a week or so after June 25th to light on and touch my right shoulder bringing with that touch a bountiful blessing of smiles, Hope, LOVE and encouragement. Then two years later at almost the very same time, on the third anniversary of Michael's entombment, July 7, 2012 he would return as I stood in the very same place under my Giving Tree to touch my right arm yet again to say, "Goodbye." I had a deep spiritual connection with this lovely creature. A connection to God and Michael. There are definitely no coincidences.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to
prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
~ Jeremiah 29:11

Since Michael's death all dreams stopped for me except for dark, colorless nightmares. Yes they came and often, mostly nightmares about work but no dreams. Then last night after the death of my dove, Michael, I had a dream for the first time - a real colorful, animated, clear, positive dream. Not a dark nightmare this time but a real, bright, colorful dream where I woke up shaking my head and thinking "Wow! If only that could be real!" It was a dream of hope and a positive future. The first in 3 years. My dove gave me this somehow... in a way I still don't understand and maybe never will. He came to break a cycle off me and what ever energy and message he had for me in his last, "Goodbye" well it was his purpose... what he was created for. Yes he was created to sing God's song and fly but he was also created to meet me, bless me, to bring love and encouragement into my life. Why me? I don't know but I know most assuredly I was there for him too... reciprocating the LOVE. Yes I stood like a fool sobbing, crocodile tears streaming down my face, holding him saying, "NO! Please don't die. I LOVE you. Please stay. I LOVE you." His job was done on this earth and his last efforts in completing that job were to tell me, "Goodbye." I have deciphered the noise both Niko and I heard out back was in fact the dove flying at the house to get my attention. As if he truly needed to tell me goodbye... animals know when it's their time. It was his time and he needed to be with me... needed to say "Goodbye."

I know this was written for Michael Jackson but here it is fitting for the emotion I feel for both MJ and my Dove this week.
Michael Bearden's beautiful song 'One Last Goodbye' by Ayanna Irish:


Today my dear, sweet friend, Susan Brookes messaged me and I'm sharing her sweet explanation of my Dove, Michael:

"I have always believed that your little Dove Michael was sent to You, it was a sign. A Dove has always represented the Spirit of somebody who has passed, who cares about YOU and wants to check in on you and be in your presence. Little Michael was always in the background somewhere, and was a comfort to you in so many ways, feeling trusting enough to introduce you to his mate. Sadly Doves only have a life span of 3-5 years in the wild. These beautiful creatures can live to be 15 yrs. in Captivity, but that is no life for these beautiful birds – they stand for Innocence, Gentleness, Peace, Purity, Truth and Love – everything that Our Precious Michael was. It is NO coincidence that he came to Your garden, out of all the homes in Castaic, and definitely no coincidence that he chose YOU when he was in trouble. I cried so much when you wrote how you cradled him in your arms, holding him to your chest – he would have passed away hearing and feeling your heartbeat and feeling your Love. I Pray his mate will survive, as I have heard that Doves stay with their chosen mate forever. You will have to listen for her...... I can only imagine your grief and distress......"


This morning the sound outside was still and silent... as if the other birds too were in mourning. Venturing out side I watered the garden hoping for the sound of cooing from his mate. Nothing came. I finished my watering and sadly came inside, prepared breakfast and then sat in my chair to check Face Book. Life goes on. Listening carefully still to hear any sound of life in the trees from ANY of the birds who filled the air so gleefully only the day before. Nothing came. Not one sound of a bird anywhere. Then a few hours into posting I heard the distant cooing a single dove. She is there... somewhere in the distant pine trees. I am hoping guarding a nest. It saddened me again to think she is waiting for her mate to return with food. Yet still... she is alive and cooing. Thank God. I pray she will survive. If I am blessed she will visit and if I am very blessed maybe, hopefully she will also have baby doves to bring with her. I can only hope and pray for this. Right now I'm just happy to hear her lovely cooing sound even at a distance.... Hope returns. Within a short time after her cooing the other birds also returned to my Giving Tree and began to chirp and sing as well. Not as many yet but they will come and life will return to my little backyard sanctuary.

I may sound dramatic but I've always been this way with animals. Can't help it... won't apologize for it... it's me. I've buried my dove, Michael under my Giving Tree at the place where he first said hello and then came to say Goodbye. A little shimmering white angel statue and little dove statue mark the spot. Very near by are my three beloved, faithful dogs who passed only a year or so apart from one another. I've never been able to bring myself to get another dog and this post clearly tells you why... I just can't bear the heart ache of loosing those I love.

Yes there is HOPE in this world... God's Hope... I hear it cooing now...

July 20, 2012
The female Dove was in my Giving Tree today cooing. She comes to visit her mate often now. Today she stayed in the tree a little longer until I walked out the door, twittering as she flew off. So happy she is alive and well. ♥

July 30, 2012

Sleeping in late today... I allowed myself this luxury in order to start the week anew. Monday is not normally the happiest day of the week; however today, this Monday, has greeted me with the most glorious, spectacular, uplifting gift of HOPE. Only yesterday I made a new commitment to myself about a personal writing project. I spent many hours letting the creativity flow writing off and on into the wee hours of the morning. 

I awoke and rose in the late sunny morning hours. Bleary eyed immediately I went to tend to the front garden pouring out a cool watering in preparation for the heat of a long summer day. Standing out front I wondered if my morning ears really heard what I thought were two coos echoing in the distance. Listening intently I thought maybe I was hearing things. The cooing stopped and I shook my head thinking, "Awhhh... Just hopeful wishing." Enjoying the sun and the flowers I took my time finishing the task at hand methodically, mindlessly moving back inside through the house and on out to the back garden. Without thinking I slid the back screen open stepped outside and as I did several doves fluttered from my Giving Tree right before my eyes. I froze! Whistling and twittering the mother Dove flew, her babies following her, all in a flurry right before me as I startled them. The air around me moved in warm waves as they fluttered out of the tree. One swooping before me over to the apple tree to hide in it's branches another to the neighbors roof on the right and another to the roof of the neighbors house directly behind me. I was Speechless as the moment's happenings surrounded me in sheer delight and astonishment.  The memory of the moment when time stopped as their father came to me to say goodbye flashed in my mind. Here now the circle of life stopped time... as life sprang anew before my very eyes.  

YES there are babies!!! Michael my Dove's off spring here in my Giving Tree less than a month after he died in my hands. His babies are here! Here stretching their wings practicing flight right before my eyes.

I stood completely still filled with amazement and rapturous joy, watching this family of doves... just standing there mouth open, jaw dropped, silently thanking God. As I stood eyes as big as saucers experiencing the glory of life anew out of the neighbors house unbelievably the soundtrack from Tangle floated greeting my ears as their grandchildren sat watching this enchanting movie. There I stood gazing at these beautiful, shimmery wondrous creatures whilst listening to the heavenly Disney voices sing:

 ♫ "And it's like the sky is new, And it's warm and real and bright, And the world has somehow shifted... All at once everything looks different, Now that I see you." ♫  Surreal YES! Coincidence? NO! God is so good! Soooo VERY Good indeed!!

I will encase these magical moments in my memory bank For All Time as a beautiful gift of hope and assurance from God, I choose to claim this blessing as yet one more time a beautiful, spiritual confirmation that my decision to move forward on my special project is God's will for me... blessed four times over... as I counted four... as far as I can tell... the mother and three babies.

One sweet shimmering taupe baby perched on the edge of the roof directly infront of me for about five or more minutes. He looking directly at me, then moved circular turning as if in a fashion show, displaying for me all sides of his beautiful self. As he moved and turned back to look at me I spoke softly to him sharing with him how beautiful he was, looking closely to see any markings of his father in him. I softly told him how he glistens so beautifully in the morning sun and especially how very pleased I was to see him and his sisters and brothers. Knowing the moment of his lighting there would be brief I kept very still not wanting him to go, just talking softly to him. He stayed for what seemed to be a very long time like his father used to do. He too seemed to be getting to know me. Then as expected he fluttered off. Replacing his presence another of his brothers or sisters flew in and landed not so gracefully with much leaf rustling to play hide and seek in the apple tree. There they cooed merrily while I watched, watered and puttered in the yard. Today I stayed an extra long time in the yard with my new companions of the sky.

As I sit here writing this update there are many distant coos in the air. There seems to be more chirping today in the garden as well, many more birds both front and back as all of nature celebrates. Life is renewed... restored... but then that is the cycle of life. There is much to be grateful for... much to look forward to... we do not know what God has in store for us. Blessings are at hand everyday... always there waiting... seemingly hidden... revealed as gifts in God's chosen time. Keep Hope Alive!

"The LORD will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength. You will be like a well-watered garden, like an ever-flowing spring." ~ Isaiah 58:11 NLT

Daily Dove Update - or so it seems daily now...
July 31, 2012

Now each morning the sweet baby doves and their mamma come to visit. They are cooing for me in the tree. The bravest and friendliest like his father greets me again today. Here he comes back and perches in the tree after flying off the first time. Is it a coincidence there are three babies? No I think not... my heart is so full.

My morning visit from the dove family. This little one is the friendliest like his father and comes very near the sliding door to announce their visit. I captured this pic of him perched atop the patio umbrella then as I very slowly slid the screen open and stepped out side the family of four fluttered off. This is a good thing. I don't want them too tame with my hunter kitty so close by. I can't even express the utter joy and LOVE I feel with this new family addition to the neighborhood and my personal garden. I pray they stay safe. For now they come close but keep aware of all movement and fly quickly so I pray they will be okay. Oh My! This visit has lifted my heart enormously!!! They are so beautiful. At this moment I'm being serenaded by their cooing.

I can't think of a better sound to fill my ears... The circle complete!!!

More to come I'm sure... New Life has just begun...


 Dove Update - Dec. 26, 2012 

Over the last several months the sound of the doves had disappeared from my little yard. I had
been working in the garden several weeks ago... having not seen or heard the family of doves for sometime. I assumed they had now grown, moved on to other areas to mate and start families of their own as animals do. Approaching the far corner of the yard behind the Crepe Myrtle tree to til the soil and weed for Fall I looked down to shockingly discover taupe feathers the size of one of the sweet baby doves who had visited during the summer. My cat Niko had done what I had always feared, caught one of the baby doves as his prey and devoured it. Sadly I cleaned up the remains and understood now why I had not heard the beautiful sound of the doves.

Then a few weeks later I was out side tending the front garden when behind me at the very tip top of a very tall Italian Cypress perched a beautiful taupe dove jubilantly cooing towards me. I was thrilled to see all the doves had not fallen prey. Here the dove happily cooed
hello announcing to the the neighborhood his or her presence. My heart jumped to hear this familiar happy sound reverberating over the neighborhood roof tops. For me it never fails that this is assuredly a blessing and affirmation from God that all is well. 

 However not the affirmation I could have EVER imagined. The inexplicable connection God has given me to these beautiful, graceful, peaceful creatures is always a giant uplifting force in my life. The last month for me has been a personal emotional struggle on several levels. As the saying goes, "You just deal with life One Day At A Time." My dove(s) and MJ have given me the encouragement and love to lift my head to the sky where my Creator reaches me in order get out of myself and turn to the Lord, a power much greater than myself. God knows the desires of our hearts and like any loving caring father LOVES to bless his children with what He knows pleases them. Thank You Lord!

My blessings come at the most unexpected times. This time I was returning from the FedEx store after running errands. My head swimming with recent hateful attacks from twisted minds who need medical help, those who call themselves 'loving MJ fans' but who spread nothing but hate, malicious lies and discontent time after time for their own selfish attention seeking sociopathic gains. These people are a complete embarrassment to anyone with a true heart of LOVE for MJ, his children and MJ's legacy. The slanderous media needs do nothing to spread it's lies when these hateful 'so called fans' are already doing their job for them. I had just spoken to several people in support of love for them and their efforts and was contemplating how MJ lived 'LOVE'. Thinking heartsick that his heart would be so broken for his good friend Michael Bush and how he has been maligned and mistreated by these hateful people. Despicable treatment mirroring the exact experience MJJ had gone through with the bribery and threats by Jordon Chandler's father. This among other things was filtering through my mind as I was praying for God's intervention.

Out of the norm for me I was driving a slower side road home, nonchalantly taking my time instead of my typical fast paced freeway travel. I approached a four way stop in my tiny town and noticed there were more cars than normal. A veritable traffic jam with one car at all four stop signs and two in front of me. This is very unusual in my little town unless the freeways are shut down. Thinking, "What the heck?" Deducing everyone must be out Christmas shopping I patiently waited my turn. MJ was singing to me on the car stereo so I was in no rush. Each car took their turn one at a time in a circular counter clock wise fashion. Stop... go... stop... go... the two cars in front of me had driven on and now more cars arrived at each junction of the four way stop. Yes a veritable traffic jam in Podunk.

it was my turn. Just as I began to pull forward to the white line in the street out of the tree to my right flew a dove. YES a DOVE!! He flew right down passed my windshield and landed right in front of me in the street. Right in front of my car. I let our a yelp, "OMG!! Ohhh!!" Put my hands to my mouth in disbelief and just watched him/her. YES he/she was definitely a ring necked taupe colored dove. He stood right in front of me in the street looking straight at me. Although it was my turn to go I could not move the car forward for fear of running him over and I didn't want to move anyway. He was there for me! No doubt in my mind! And there he strutted... right there... back and forth. All puffed up... proud... showing me his chest... strutting back and forth in front of my car looking at me. I sat transfixed, leaning up over the steering wheel and looking out over the hood of the car down to the street in front of me, staring in utter joy, just smiling back at him in delight.

Yes a 'Dove of LOVE'... my absolute confirmation that yes one more time I am on God's Right and Good path of LOVE in my life and for MJ. I gathered my senses reminding myself where I was, that I was driving and that it was my turn to go. I looked around at the other cars. All the drivers, everyone in the cars were also looking at the dove. Mothers were pointing telling their children to look. They weren't looking at me like, "Hey! It's your turn! GO!" No they were all smiling and pointing, looking at the dove in surprise and delight. He had mesmerized us all for a brief moment in time there on the streets we all stopped... paused... watched the glory of God's creature of LOVE and Peace communicate with us. Seemingly telling us, "Just stop for a moment and know that God is LOVE. God is in charge. That anything is possible." There simply is no more appropriate time of the year for God to send this message of HOPE, LOVE and PEACE than Christmas. God's perfect timing! He strutted for a while and walked over to the side of the road, turned and looked at me again as if to say, "Merry Christmas!" I waved goodbye and then took my turn at the four way stop and drove on. Lifted... elated... smiling... feeling affirmed and encouraged.

This simple moment... a dove swooping down from a tree, strutting in the street brought such a blessing to me. My heart immediately soared above the trees. This small creature literally stopped traffic to share the mighty healing LOVE of God. God who is greater, who is bigger than any problem. Who knows our needs even before we do... we need only open our eyes to His presence and help in our lives. God who is bigger than any hate from ignorant people or the everyday problems in life.

Yes the Dove of LOVE is still here and the message clear. Keep the Faith! 

"Keep The Faith, Baby, Yea, Because It's Just A Matter Of Time Before Your Confidence Will Win Out But Till That Day I Said You've Got To Keep The Faith!"

"Bring LOVE back into the world to remind the world that LOVE is important. To love each other. We're all one." ~ Michael Jackson  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Michael's Heart blog story with all it's updates:


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  1. Beautiful Betty. Beautiful. I've posted my dear friend. - Love Bonnie

    1. Thank you Bonnie. LOVE YOU my dear friend.

  2. When I read this unfolding of events, and the back story as well, I sit here sobbing, feeling so much sadness over this! Thank you for holding him so tenderly and loving him. Thank you for being his audience these last 2 years... I can only remember words written by Gloria Rhodes Berlin recalling the day Michael died. She was in Gelson's supermarket in Encino and before she even heard the news she felt someone tapping her shoulder. Michael used to play a mock hide-and-seek in the store with her and would 'tag' her with the same kind of tap. She believes that Michael came to say goodbye to her one last time.

    1. Gertrude,
      Along with the fact my Dove, Michael, came to say goodbye on July 7th 2 years from the first time he said hello... in the very same fashion the touch on the right shoulder... I'm awe struck at this information... and once again in tears. Thank you so much for telling me this. I know the market you speak of and have shopped there several times. The connections to Michael in my life are astounding to me... yet I never met him when he walked this earth. One day in heaven I will... many of us will. God bless you.

  3. Affirmation indeed Betty from above that regardless of all the Hurt and Hatred of the last year, Love and Truth will ALWAYS Prevail.

    1. Yes an affirmation that LOVE endures forever. "Lies run sprints, Truth runs marathons." We have seen MJJ's wise words lived out over and over again. Those spreading Hate and lies will in the end reap what they sow... this is biblical.

  4. aww Betty this was just another confirmation that God really exists and he always surround us with matter if we believe or not..this was just a bliss..your story caught my attention since day one..and to see that Dove in front of you was just a message I guess..a message of freedom, courage, strength and most of all Michael said Love is the answer and hard to believe some fans of our community are making stupid statements and creating doubts and saying slanders..still..after all MJ went through..incredible..hurting ML Bush who is just a gentle and kind soul..I truly hope this would stop and all of us start to live according to MJ's message..I really admire his strength..his courage..his resilient spirit..he teach me a lesson every single day..still..
    Thank you soo much Betty for this beautiful's soo uplifting and touching..Love you soo much

    1. Your very welcome, Marcela. So happy you have joined in on my journey with the Dove, which is such gift of LOVE and affirmation from from heaven. Much LOVE to you my friend.