Sunday, January 19, 2014

MJ's Lanterns of LOVE ♥

 "We all must unite, to turn darkness to light; and the love in our hearts will shine."
                                                ~ Michael Jackson ~                              

Be God's Glow at
MJ's Lanterns of LOVE ♥

Who: Michael Jackson Fans of Southern California (MJFSC)
Where: Santa Monica Pier
When: June 26, 2014 8 to 11:00pm

Come to Santa Monica Pier and view luminary Lanterns of LOVE on the beach for Michael. MJ fans will meet on the beach on the South side beyond the pier. Write your message of LOVE on the Lantern for the event and then take it home with the LED lite for a memento. ♥

There will be 200 luminary lanterns of LOVE in the sand as tribute to Michael Jackson and in celebration of his life and all he gave the world.

As this is the first year for this event we are learning as we go. The lanterns can not be sold to the fans on the beach so they will now have to be purchased ahead of time.

Luminary lantern's for this Santa Monica event includes the decorative, die cut, flame retardant, luminary lantern and 2 LED lights.
The price of each Lantern is $5.00. This covers the cost of each lantern + the 2 led lights, the shipping that was charged at the time I purchased them, taxes, Paypal fees, and Paypal's conversion fees.

There are only 200 lanterns available for purchase on a first come first serve basis. I have received so many requests from those around the world who want to take part in the sale of the lanterns. So it has been opened up for everyone whether you are attending or not to purchase a lantern, when those 200 have been purchased the Paypal account for this event will be closed. Feel free to purchase a lantern and be represented at this event where ever you live!!
Instructions to buy a lantern:
1. Go to

Log into your account

Click on ‘Send Money’

In the box that says ‘To (email or mobile phone) enter:

In the box marked ‘Amount’ enter the total amount in USD you are sending. Each lantern is $5.00. You may also refer to the chart below:

1 lantern = $5.00
2 lanterns = $10.00
1 Doz(12) = $60.00

6. Then select ‘This is a purchase’ and click on ‘goods’ and click 'No Shipping required'
If you want to pay by credit card via Paypal please click on this button


Pick up your lantern at the south side of Santa Monica Pier on the beach. Only those who are on list as having purchased will be given lanterns at the event.
Parking Info: Santa Monica beach does not close. The parking is limited and many of the parking lots close at sunset. However the main 1550 parking lot next to the pier on the north side will be open and does not close.
** The 1550 parking lot on the north side of the pier is where MJ saw Cirque du Soliel in the big white tent for the first time with Branca. **

Come early to enjoy the pier rides: Merry go Round, Bumper Cars, Arcade games, Ferris wheel etc and to assure your parking spot. Please try to carpool and fit as many MJ fans into your car as possible. Many who are in L.A. for the 5th anniversary are from out of the country and will rely on others for transportation. MJ fans are great at this!

Main parking lot:
1550 Pacific Coast Highway
Parking rates range from $6 to $12 per hour
If an attendant is not on duty at the parking lot be sure to purchase a parking permit at the kiosk.
There is also metered parking by Hot Dog on A Stick.

Directions to Santa Monica Pier:

Important beach rules:
No smoking on the beach

No drinking of alcoholic beverages
No playing of boom boxes or loud music
No glass containers of any kind allowed on the beach

The lanterns being used in this event are stationary sand lanterns. Please do NOT not bring sky lanterns. They are illegal and a fire hazard in California.

MJ's Lanterns of LOVE ♥

Michael Jackson Fans of Southern California (MJFSC) Face Book Group:


Join in around the world!!
Please wherever you are in the world join in. Plan your own Lanterns of LOVE event in tribute and LOVE for MJ. It is difficult to hold the event on the same day and hour around the world. As noted L.A. Lanterns of LOVE will be on June 26th... it was the only open time with all the events taking place and still some over lapped. *** However it is not the exact time or day that matters but that MJ fans from around the globe join in and show LOVE in Tribute to MJ.

Lanterns of Love are a beautiful way to show the world and Michael Jackson he will never be forgotten. Gather your MJ friends and plan your Lanterns of LOVE event now!!!


The Netherlands Lanterns of LOVE:

Lanterns of Love 25th June 2014 20:00 Scheveningen Beach.
For our location in Scheveningen wil this be the Setting.We wil go in front of the Kurhouse on the Beach and Celebrate the Lanterns of Love in Memoriam of Michael Jackson.We Celebrate this with the Fans of the Netherlands with L.O.V.E
Lanterns of Love 25 Juni 2014 20:00 Scheveningen strand.
Voor de Locatie is dit de setting.We zullen voor het Kurhuis op het strand de Lantererns of Love vieren in memoriam van Michael Jackson.
We vieren dit met de Fans uit Nederland en doen dit met L.O.V.E

Albert de Lugt and Debbie van Egmond


  1. I won't be able to attend this wonderful event but for sure I will be celebrating at my home and at Neverland. Celebration of life of MJ.

  2. May I still purchase the lanterns and share it forward for anyone who is going to the event? Pay it forward.

    1. Yes just note it on the purchase in Paypal. Wonderful blessing to pay it forward. Thank you!

    2. Have opened up the lanterns to everyone... not just those attending. Everyone now has a chance to have a lantern present... until the 200 are gone.

  3. This is going to be such a Beautiful Evening of Love, shared and celebrated in such a glorious location. What I wouldn't give to be able to attend this Amazing Event. I would like my Lantern to Shine as an expression of my eternal Love for Michael Betty........ I will be with you ALL in Spirit. <3

    1. Yes Susan your lantern will be there shining in LOVE for you and Michael on the beach at Santa Monica... keeping MJ's legacy alive!

  4. Thank you Betty for giving fans this opportunity to honor Michael in such a beautiful way. I would like to pray for you and all those who will honor him with their lanterns from afar and those who are able to attend. Heavenly Father we earnestly come before you and ask that you bless these efforts by Betty and the fans to honor our dear Michael with lanterns of love and light. I Pray that you will protect her and this beautiful event from any outside dark influences and negativity. Let you love and light shine through us as we gather together to honor our beloved. In Jesus name I (we) pray Amen <3

    1. Thank you so much Mickie. Your LOVE and support is very much appreciated. The Lord is in charge and He is my strength. Sadly there are those who claim they love Michael but can never enjoy a moment of peace and LOVE. So not Mike Like. Very sad. I will continue on with what I've been led to do and pray that it blesses and brings joy and healing to the fans in memory of Michael. We will let his light shine on June 26th. People can either join in or not. Their choice but I won't allow them to destroy all the good and the LOVE that is planned and will take place.

  5. I would love to go if I can find someone to ride with. If not, I wld love to buy a lantern and give it for all those who love him but can't be there.

  6. I would love to go if I can find someone to ride with. If not, I wld love to buy a lantern and give it for all who love him but can't be there.

    1. D Anderson go to the FB page Lanterns of LOVE and see who is going and can give you a ride. :)

    2. D Anderson, Here is the link to the FB Lantern's group:

  7. I will not be able to go to this amazing event but have purchased a luminary in the hopes that someone will be able to bring it to me (as a forever keepsake) when they meet me in Las Vegas for MJ ONE!!! Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity, MJBliss..MJsMaggie AKA "BJ" (((HUGE HUGS)))

  8. Maggie, Your lantern with your message will be on the beach and then taken to you in Vegas. It's All For Love ♥

  9. I just bought my lantern. I would love to be there but my husband arrives that night so won't be able to. I will be in LV arr Sat a.m. Is there someway I could get mine or are they released on the water? What a beautiful thing for Michael to see from heaven shimmering in the night. Thk you, Betty.

  10. Thank you...wish I could be there in person but my heart will be for sure! Thanks for seeing that I will get my lantern keepsake. Loving hugs.

  11. I would not be able to attend this event, but my thoughts will be with you and my love is being sent to Michael here in Brazil.
    Thanks for the beautiful work and for his love and dedication for Michael and for making this possible for me. God bless you!
    Michael I love you I miss you every day You will never be forgotten I light my lantern to shine as an expression of my undying love for you </3 Denise Di Carvalho - São Paulo / Brazil