Sunday, July 4, 2010

Michael and The Tree

Recently at an “After Court Gathering” the first of it’s type to be held for the fans after the most recent, June 14th, Conrad Murray hearing in Los Angeles, California; Majestik, a close Jackson family friend was coaxed into sharing a very touching story as only Majestik can share it.

I will try here to recount his story as he told it:

“Michael Jackson and The Tree”

One day in the spring, back before the Thriller days, Majestik and fledgling super star but not yet King of Pop, Michael were at the compound at Hayvenhurst, the Jackson home, just hanging out together. They were headed down the driveway to the studio at the back of the property. They were bantering back and forth in conversation while walking along. Majestik was talking to Michael when he realized Michael was no longer next to him but was
leaning down looking at the ground and crying.
He said “Michael, What are you doing?” Michael responded with
tears streaming down his face,
“Look it’s a baby bird and its dead!”

Majestik not being of the same soft heart for nature as MJ
and with his mind on where he was heading said
“Michael, it is just a bird. There’s nothin’ you can do about it now.
Man, its dead. Come on. We got to go. Let’s go.”
Michael stood up and looked at him and in his soft voice
and from his huge heart pleaded,
“Majestik, this was a living creature with a heart and a soul just like us.
We have to do something!” Majestik emphatically insisted,
“What are you gonna do, Michael? It’s already dead. There’s nothing you can do now.”
As he is trying to convince Michael to just keep walking
he realizes Michael is now down on the ground on his knees,
digging a hole with his bare hands to bury the bird,
while saying “We have to bury it. We have to bury this bird.
We can’t just leave it here and we HAVE to say a prayer for this bird.”

He then finishes digging the hole, places the bird in the hole and
covers it with dirt, as he finishes burying the bird he
pats the ground gently with his hand, then stands and insists that
Majestik stand right there with him over the new grave
of the fallen bird while together they say a prayer.
Michael leads the two of them in a prayer and asks God to bless the
little baby bird and take it to heaven.

They are done praying and Majestik again tries to spur Michael on saying,
“Ok, come on now. Come on. We got work to do.
Let’s go! We’re done. Let’s go now!”
But Michael is riveted and ignoring his pleas, instead looks up realizing
the baby bird had fallen to its death out of a nearby tree.
Suddenly he ascends up into the tree.
Climbing the tree to the spot of the bird’s nest, where he then carefully
fixes the nest so no more birdie babies will fall out and die.

His mission for God that spring day complete, he then climbs down.
Brushes himself off and continues on with Majestik to the studio to work.

That was our Angel Michael Jackson! 


  1. Dear Betty, it's a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a beautiful heart and soul.

  3. thank you for posting this story: it is nice to read it because I missed a part that day. love the blog! Corona

  4. He really was an angel, and I miss even more the next day as I did the day before.

  5. Hi Betty!
    Thank you so much for the invitation to check out your blog. And thank you for this beautiful story! It made me cry! Yes, that was our Angel Michael Jackson. Such a precious heart and soul. I love hearing stories about him. Little snippets of his life that tell us so much about the kind of person he was. We can all cherish these memories shared from those who were blessed to have been in his life.

    Thank you, and God Bless your day...
    Charlene ;~)

  6. Hi Betty,
    Thank you for sharing, Michael was such a beautiful man, spirit and soul.......He was the "Face of GOD" to us, as children are and were to are wonderful my friend, see you in LA in August! xoxo God Bless you!

  7. Ohh...I love you Neverland...and I love you Michael Jackson forever!!.. Congratulations friend..!! Kiss..and God bless you..

  8. Dear Betty, This is the comment I'm trying to write in your blog
    Thanks dear Betty! You're right! That was Michael's heart. The heart of an Angel!
    This is the Michael we love and the one the world should know. They need to know his beautiful soul full of pure love from God!
    God bless Michael's Angel soul forever!

    Thank you Veronica. Michael continues to teach the world about real LOVE and kindness. He will forever be an inspiration for all generations. For All Time.
    LOVE & blessings,

  9. So many losses. God rest both of their souls...