Wednesday, July 15, 2020

No MJ Music at Trump Rallies! 🤡 👎🏻🎵

Please! NO Michael Jackson music at Trump rallies. RISE UP!
The MJ Estate MUST take a Public Stance on this!

Micheal Jackson's music is being played for Trump's clown car festival of lies he calls political rallies.

I’ve been mulling and ruminating over this for days. The anger brewing. I needed to take a break from the endless gas-lighting for my own mental health, just a few days freedom from the constant regurgitation of tRUMP lies and drama so as a result I delayed reading a saved article about IQ45’s Tulsa, OK ‘campaign rally’.  It’s become normal for me to limit what I watch or read in regards to tRUMP's ridiculous, propaganda and lies on all subjects, most especially his tweets… well just forget about it… I don’t bother reading those at all. To me it’s like drenching your brain and psyche in a bucket of ignorant, runny horse shit and then trying to see and think clearly afterward. A total waste of precious God given time and always leaves me feeling desperate to take a shower or cleanse my brain in an attempt to escape the tRUMPlandia nightmare we are living in.

So back to the the saved article which was very interesting to me because it was written by a veteran who infiltrated the Tulsa, tRUMPlandia rally. He infiltrated with a group of other vets in support of Black Lives Matter (BLM). God bless them for their service and their continued support for the constitution and democracy in America. As I read his account of the day I literally gasped out loud, dismayed and appalled to learn that IQ45 and his campaign have been playing Michael Jackson’s music, as well as Beatles and Queen music at his rallies. He has done this many times and time after time artists have spoken up and demanded he stop playing their music.  They do not want to be associated with his hate fests and lies in any form.  The list of artists is long: Adele, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles (yet IQ45 who has no regard for anyone but himself still plays Beatles music), The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Luciano Pavarotti, Neil Young, Prince, R.E.M. Rihanna, Tom Petty, Guns N’ Roses, and Aerosmith just to name a few. 

All these artists or artist’s estates and families have sent cease and desist letters demanding tRUMP stop playing/using their music. PUBLICLY they have taken a stand, unafraid of backlash, or late night toilet dump tweets. They have risen up for what is right and good.
Much like Michael Jackson did many times in his life. 

Yet the MJ Estate will NOT publicly take a stand in defense of MJ’s music and demand publicly that it not be played at these disgusting hate fests.  Their reasoning is legal at first and makes sense but then they claim 'Michael Jackson was friends with Donald Trump' and 'regardless of whether Michael might have chosen to support President Trump or not, no one can say with certainty whether Michael would stop his music from being played for his fans to enjoy in these arenas prior to Mr. Trump’s entrance at the event.'If it were really true that filing and serving a Cease and Desist against the tRUMP campaign would not stop them from playing the music why is it then that they do NOT play the music from all the artists who have served him cease and desist orders and publicly demanded tRUMP and his clown car campaign of hate
stop playing and using their music in any way...
all of them of course except the Beatles which is owned by Sony and John Branca works for Sony.
No coincidence there. 

It's not rocket science! If you know anything about MJ you KNOW that he would NOT want his music played at these gas-lighting, hate fueled events.

These rallies are the antithesis of MJ, how he lived, loved and all he stood for. 

So it’s up to MJ fans around the globe to contact the MJ Estate and demand they do what is right.
We need to take a couple of minutes in these hard and crazy times and put John Branca and other executives and representatives of the MJ Estate on notice that we are here for
MJ’s music, legacy, reputation and
most especially for MJ’s children and we are not going away.

We, MJ’s Army of LOVE, we need to remind them just who MJ was because clearly they really don’t seem to have ever really known him. As Michael sang, "Anything for Money."  Seems the only time they claim to ‘really know Michael Jackson’ is when they want MJ fans to fork over their hard earned money.  
Well... enough is enough!!!

You can email the MJ Estate/ the MJ website / or Sony Music here
(they are all now essentially one and the same):

or MJOnlineTeam email:

or Twitter @MJOnlineTeam:

or direct to John Branca:
Snail mail:
                                      Address: 1801 Century Park W #7th, Los Angeles, CA 90067
                                                                 Phone: (310) 552-338

*** To the MJ Estate I want to clearly point out that silence and non-action on this issue speaks volumes in support of hate and racism. ***


 I can’t believe it even needs to be addressed; however here are several facts, pointedly directed toward the MJ Estate. You would think that those who claim to really love and support MJ and his legacy would not need to be reminded of these things but then here we are in tRUMP’s F*^cked up, ass backwards, insane world of lies and spin where the F^*king 1% reign, the value of the almighty $ and the out of control lust for power from one mentally unstable, corrupt man has more value than  human life.  THIS new normal is exactly what Michael abhorred, wrote and sang about in,  “They Really Don’t Care About Us.”  Ironically funny how tRUMP didn’t play that song at his asinine, hate fest rally. 

 So here is some MJ reality for those who never knew or have forgotten:

Michael stood up, rose up and gave aid to the abused, debilitated, struggling, homeless, needy, impoverished, disabled and sick around the globe. His altruistic deeds and compassion for disabled, hospitalized and sick children gloriously outshone his incredible, stratospheric music and dance career. His heart of gold pouring out truly selfless love and support for those in need, the hurting, the deprived, the fatherless, the black community, black entertainers and new to the industry entertainers was legendary. He was a very PROUD BLACK MAN and there is absolutely NO doubt that if he were alive today he’d be supporting BLM and his heart would be broken by the blatant racism, hate and abuse toward blacks and minorities in the United States and around the world. 

Prince Jackson at Heal Los Angeles bringing food to the homeless.

                                 Paris Jackson attends many protests to make a stance for justice.

Michael’s beautiful children express exactly what he stood for and taught them as they feed the hungry and attend BLM and peace protests. I believe he’d be so very proud of them. SO don’t even try to tell me that since Michael is gone there is no way to know how he’d feel about his music playing at events that promote racism and hate. Or how he'd feel about separating families and putting children in cages. Or how he’d feel about BLM for God sakes MJ lived Black Lives Matter his entire life, long before it was received globally.

Michael Jackson NEVER questioned Barrack Obama’s birth place, citizenship or heritage. In fact he voiced his deep pride and joy at being alive to witness such a great accomplishment when Barrack Obama was elected and inaugurated as the first black president of the United States.

Some people claim Michael was friends with Donald Trump. I can say this is categorically NOT true. Michael shared a quote from Tao Te Ching, “Those who know don’t talk. Those who talk don’t know.” Point being those who claim that DT and MJ were friends don’t know!


Flor Siqueiros who personally knew Michael Jackson for 17 years and directed 5 Dangerous concerts in Mexico for him shared these thoughts with me:

“I can personally assure you that they had a business and media relationship, but they were NOT FRIENDS.  I did ask him [about Donald Trump] and he said they used each other for media photo ops on occasion, and a couple of times he took his kids for a brief visit. He was a tenant. Not his buddy. Knowing the current situation with Trump against the Black Lives Matter movement, he would have never allowed his music to be used in any way, shape or form for any political movement. He was a great admirer of champions against apartheid, injustice, hate and oppression and felt great respect for the ideals and people such as President Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou and of course, Dr Martin Luther King. There is no way he would allow his music with messages of love and peace to be politicized by and for the benefit of an individual such a Donald J Trump. Feel free to quote me. He was my friend.”



Unlike Flor's real friendship with Michael he had many, many so called ‘friends’ hanging on, milling around in his life. Like lap dogs, sitting at his feet, constantly scheming, $$ in their eyes, worming their way in. These people were untrustworthy users, blood sucking leeches, taking what they could con from him.  DT was one of those. He like so many others were only near MJ to bask in the glow of his fame and wealth, to take what they could get. DT’s time in Michael’s life was very short lived and like so many, the list seems endless, when the tumultuous years came down heavy for Michael and there was nothing to be had, these fair weather, blood suckers all disappeared. After 2001 DT disappeared from Michael’s life. Michael would take just so much from people who would lie to him and use him then he’d ICE them out… and that was that. With DT - that was that. SOOO don’t even try to say, “Michael Jackson was friends with Donald Trump".  They were NOT! EVER!



Here is my original email to the MJ Estate/MJ Online Team and the link to the article proving MJ’s music is being used by tRUMP and his clown car regime.

Date: July 10, 2020 at 7:32:55 PM

From: --- <---yahoo .com="">
Date: July 10, 2020 at 7:32:55 PM
To: Alicia
Subject:  Trump using MJ's and Beatles music
Hi Alicia,

Not sure if you know about this already as I was late reading this article. I try not to give much attention to Trump's bullcrap. Anyway this article is written by a veteran who infiltrated tRUMP's rally in Tulsa, OK. I know the Stones and Tom Petty denounced and forbade him and his campaign from using their music and many other artists have done the same. Also given MJ's belief system and the fact we all KNOW he'd definitely be supporting Black Lives Matter and always supported anything for inclusion based on L.O.V.E. I highly doubt he'd want his music played at any tRUMP function given he stands for racism. Also not sure how much of the Beatles catalog the MJ Estate has the rights to now but that should also be addressed.

Hopefully if this hasn't already been addressed the MJ Estate will now do so before any more tRUMP rallies are held. 

excerpt: [The music irked me instantly. Much to the concern of the rest of the team, I’d brought a notebook along and was already furtively scribbling. At one point, we listened sequentially to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” The Beatles’ “Let It Be,” and Queen’s “We Are The Champions” over the arena’s loudspeakers. I couldn’t help but wonder how that black man of, let’s say, complicated sexual orientation, four outspoken British hippies, and a gay AIDs victim (Freddie Mercury) would feel about the way the Trump campaign had co-oped their songs. We can guess though, since the late Tom Petty’s family quickly denounced the use of his rock song “I Won’t Back Down” at the rally.]


Betty Byrnes

Response from the MJ Estate:

On Monday, July 13, 2020, 1:37:07 PM PDT, Alicia; wrote:

Hi Betty:

The playing of songs in an arena, if it is not specifically synced to an audiovisual piece or a choreographed performance, is covered under compulsory licenses that are administered by the public performance societies such as ASCAP, SESAC, and BMI. This is akin to a song being played in a restaurant, or a strip club, or any other similar establishment that has a “blanket” license to play all music represented by each of the societies. The playing of songs in this manner does not require prior approval by the song’s owner nor does it constitute an endorsement by the artist of the venue or the specific event being held there.

Artists and songwriters can send cease & desist letters and make public statements distancing themselves from these uses – as the heirs of Tom Petty and The Rolling Stones have done but it is important to note that doing so doesn’t mean those songs will not be played anymore. It just means they are making their views known.

As for the playing of “Billie Jean” or other of Michael’s recordings, just because the Michael Jackson Estate hasn’t put out a public statement doesn’t mean that they haven’t or won’t similarly put the campaign on notice regarding the use of Michael’s music at campaign events. That being said, please keep in mind that Michael Jackson was friends with Donald Trump and regardless of whether Michael might have chosen to support President Trump or not, no one can say with certainty whether Michael would stop his music from being played for his fans to enjoy in these arenas prior to Mr. Trump’s entrance at the event.


The Official Online Team of The Michael Jackson Estate™


email thread continues:

Date: July 14, 2020 at 2:32:32 PM
Subject:  Re: Trump using MJ's and Beatles music

Hi Alicia,

So basically what you are saying is that unlike other artists the MJ Estate will not publicly acknowledge whether or not they have asked Trump and his campaign to stop playing MJ's music?


Betty Byrnes
MJFSC ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Response from the MJ Estate:

On Tuesday, July 14, 2020, 3:34:44 PM PDT,; wrote:
Subject:  Re: Trump using MJ's and Beatles music

Hi Betty:

That’s correct.


The Official Online Team of The Michael Jackson Estate™


MJ raising money for those affected by 9/11
at the What More Can I Give concert.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

♥ One Rose for Michael J. Jackson 2019 🌹🌹🌹

One Rose for Michael J. Jackson 2019  🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
WoW! WoW! WoW! #OneRose4MJJ 2019 Final Rose Count
18,757 Freedom Red & Dove White roses !!!

We all remember this day... June 25, 2009. Where we were... what we were doing... the smell, sounds, people around us on that fateful day when the world stopped to mourn the loss of Michael Jackson. This year is the 10th anniversary of losing the most inspirational, talented... simply the greatest entertainer and humanitarian the music industry and the world has ever known. There will never be another like the beautiful Michael Jackson!

This year as the ugly liars and frauds shame his memory and attempt to destroy Michael's legacy all for $$$$ and as the media jumps on board once again to believe the deceivers and money grubbers... it is up to us, the MJ fans from around the world, to exhibit this June 25th at Forest Lawn, Glendale, a giant Michael Jackson size show of L.O.V.E. 
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Let's Do This For MICHAEL!!
Let's do this for his children, his family, his legacy...  FOR US!

Let's deliver to Michael's Holly Terrace doorstep over 10,000
Red Freedom Roses of LOVE!

We've done it before... let's do it again for 2019 !!!

It's Time!! Ready... Set... GOOOOO !!!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

****  Here's help and a break down on how to purchase your rose(s)!
1. Go to
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4. In the box that says 'To (email or mobile phone) enter
5. In the box marked 'Amount' enter the total amount in USD you are sending. Each long stem Rose is $3.00. To calculate the total amount of money needed to purchase your roses, multiply the number of roses you'd like to purchase by 3. 

You may also refer to the chart below:
1 Rose-- $3 USD
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6. Select 'This is a purchase' and click on 'goods'!

* Paypal gives you a transaction ID# so you know your purchase went through.

**** Note: you can purchase a rose in your own currency as well and Paypal will convert to USD.

Announcement from Robyn Starkand the Face Book group admin who heads up this ONE ROSE yearly event:

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

It gives me great pleasure to announce for the 10th year One Rose for Michael J. Jackson, Roses for June 25th 2019 is OFFICIALLY OPEN...

To purchase your roses send your money via PayPal they accept credit cards: the price is $3.00 per long stem rose

On June 26th in keeping with Michael's message we pay it forward, a large amount of the roses are donated to various charities as well as being placed for the children at Babyland and Lullabyeland in Forest Lawn in his name.

PLEASE NOTE: Every year the calculated cost per rose includes fees, money conversions, trucking costs, taxes and other costs. Once the mentioned fees are deducted any left over balance will go towards the purchase of additional roses.
Every rose represents a fans heart from all over the world, but together we are a blanket of LOVE celebrating his creative genius and legacy and come together worldwide to show our love & gratitude and to pay that love forward in his name.

This year Love and Innocence is the message with a mix of Freedom Red and White Dove Roses. Michael will again be smiling down on us for continuing his message of love. This year his Global army of Love unifies showing his legacy remains untarnished.

Be a part of this beautiful tradition which grows every year. Will your Rose be there?

Thank you all for your love and continued support,
One Rose for Michael J.Jackson 🌹🌹🌹

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
One Rose for Michael J. Jackson final rose counts since the inception of this beautiful event:

2010 - 3,000

2011 - 4,500
2012 -10,477
2013 -13,447
2014 -15,627
2015 -15,537
2016 -10,547
2017 - 8,527
2018 - 8,047
2019 -
18,757  🌹🌹🌹

We surpassed our highest rose count in 2014!  BIG MJ L.O.V.E. for the 10th anniversary!!!

A look back at 2018 One Rose for Michael Jackson

2018 One Rose for Michael J. Jackson from RobynStar on Vimeo.

One Rose for Michael J. Jackson 6/25/2012 from RobynStar1000


- German
translation (thank you Andrea) :

Mit dem Mix aus roten Freedom- und weißen Dove-Rosen wird in diesem Jahr LIEBE und UNSCHULD unsere Botschaft sein. Michael wird von oben auf uns herab lächeln und sich freuen, dass wir seine Botschaft der Liebe fortsetzen. Dieses Jahr möchte seine globale „Army of Love“ zeigen, dass sein Vermächtnis unbefleckt bleibt.
Sei ein Teil dieser schönen Tradition. Wird deine Rose da sein?

* Die Mehrzahl der Rosen wird am 26. Juni in Michael`s Namen an verschiedene Wohltätigkeitsorganisationen gespendet.

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* Hinweis: Du kannst Deine Rose auch in der eigenen Währung kaufen. Paypal rechnet dann automatisch in USD um.


- Dutch translation (thank you Albert de Lugt)

Één roos voor Michael J. Jackson 2019

Dit jaar staat in het teken van Liefde en Onschuld met een mix van rode Freedom en witte Dove Rozen. Door het voortzetten van zijn boodschap van liefde zal Michael opnieuw met een lach op ons neer kijken. Dit jaar komt zijn Army of Love tezamen om aan te tonen dat zijn nalatenschap ongerept blijft.
Wees onderdeel van deze prachtige traditie. Will your Rose be there?

*De meerderheid van de rozen zullen op 26 juni uit Michael’s naam aan verschillende goede doelen worden gedoneerd.
Één roos met lange steel kost $3.00.

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- Russian translation (thank you Irina Eropolova) :

Одна роза для Майкла Дж. Джексона 2019  

В этом году кампания  «Одна роза для Майкла Джексона»  будет немного иная. Вместо только красных роз, которые мы дарили Майклу прошлые годы, в этом году наше послание Майклу будет состоять из роз двух цветов: красных и белых роз, которые символизируют Любовь и Невинность. Майкл снова будет улыбаться нам за то, что мы продолжаем его послание любви. В этом году его Глобальная армия Любви объединяется, показывая, что его наследие остается незапятнанным.

Станьте частью этой прекрасной традиции. Будет ли там твоя Роза?

 26 июня, большинство роз отправится различным благотворительным организациям во имя Майкла.

Стоимость: 3.00 доллара за каждую розу на длинном стебле.

Чтобы купить вашу розу (ы):
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- French translation (thank you Lid Lily) :

Cette année, le message de ce mélange de roses rouges et blanches est l’amour et l’innocence. Une fois encore, Michael nous sourira de là-haut en voyant que nous continuons de diffuser son message d’amour. Cette année, son armée mondiale d’Amour s’unit pour montrer que son héritage reste intact.
Participez à cette belle tradition. Est-ce que votre rose sera là ?
*La majorité des roses seront données à différentes œuvres caritatives le 26 Juin au nom de Michael.
3 $ par rose
Pour acheter votre ou vos roses :
1. Allez sur
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3. Cliquez sur « envoyer »
4. Dans l’onglet « Nom, adresse e-mail ou numéro de mobile », écrivez
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** Paypal vous enverra ensuite un numéro de transaction qui vous confirmera que votre achat a bien été effectué.

*Note : Vous pouvez également acheter une rose en payant avec la monnaie de votre pays. Paypal convertira le montant en dollars américains.


- Spanish translation (thank you Gilby Aquino) :

Una rosa para Michael J. Jackson 2019

Este año, Amor e Inocencia es el mensaje con una mezcla de rosas rojas y blancas . Michael volverá a sonreírnos por continuar su mensaje de amor. Este año su ejército global de amor se unifica mostrando que su legado permanece intacto.

Sé parte de esta hermosa tradición. ¿Estará tu rosa allí?

- La mayoría de las Rosas son donadas a varias organizaciones benéficas el 26 de junio en nombre de Michael.

$ 3.00 por cada rosa de tallo largo

Para comprar tu (s) rosa (s):
1. Ir a
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3. Haga clic en 'Enviar dinero'
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- PayPal le da un número de ID de transacción para que sepa que se realizó la compra.

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- Japanese translation (thank you Yumi Ash)

ワン・ローズ・フォー・マイケル・ジャクソン 2019



** 薔薇のほとんどはマイケルの名のもと、6月26日に多くの慈善団体に寄付されます。


1. 送金サイト、ペイパルのサイトwww.paypal.comへ行ってください

2. ご自分のアカウントにログインしてください。

3. Send Money(送金する)をクリックしてください。

4. 送金先 “ To (email or mobile phone)” と書いてあるボックスの中にonerose4mjj@gmail.comといれてください。

5. 金額Amountと書いてあるボックスの中に、アメリカドル(USD)での総額を入力してください。薔薇一本につき$3.00です。

** PayPalは送金終了後、送金のID番号(transaction ID#)を出しますので、送金が完了した事がわかります。

** PayPalは外貨をアメリカドルに変換しますので、ご自分の国の通貨(日本円)でも送金が可能です。

Friday, March 30, 2018

♥ One Rose for Michael J. Jackson 2018 .இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ—

 ♥ Michael, you will be remembered Always!


♥ 8,047 is the Final One Rose for Michael J. Jackson for 2018 .இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ—

Once more thanks to the commitment of loving, caring MJ fans who have worked diligently to make this a reality for Michael Jackson and Michael's loving fans around the world, we will again be honored to blanket Michael with LOVE in the form of a sea of red Freedom Roses.

♥  Each year this has proven to be an amazingly beautiful and vibrant statement of LOVE to the world that Michael is still LOVED beyond measure and will ALWAYS be in our hearts, NEVER forgotten.

  Thank you so much to Robyn Starkand who leads this beautiful tribute to Michael Jackson every June. Thank you for all your incredible, hard work in making it possible for MJ fans around the globe to continue to show our LOVE to Michael in this most spectacular way on the June 25th anniversary each year since his passing. 

Robyn's 2018 One Rose Event Announcement:


For the ninth year One Rose for Michael J. Jackson is pleased to announce the opening of the event for June 25th.


Every rose represents a heart of fans from all over the world, but together we are a love blanket celebrating his creative genius and his legacy, uniting all over the world to show our love and gratitude and pay that love in his name.

A Paypal account has been created by one rose for Michael J. Jackson

To Buy your rose(s) for $3.00 per long stem rose, send your money via Paypal
(either with a paypal account or a credit/debit card) to:

** Bear in mind: each year the cost calculated by Rosa includes rates, money conversions, transportation costs, taxes and other costs / tips. After deduction of the above tariffs, any balance of money will be used for the purchase of additional roses.

*** on June 26, following the message of Michael, we paid love, donated most of the roses to several charities in Los Angeles and also to the children of Baby Land and Lullaby Land in Forest Lawn.

Thank you all for your love and continued support with this event every year. . .
Be part of this beautiful tradition that grows every year. ..
Michael will return to smile for continuing his love message.
Will your rose be there?
Everything is for love 


Through the years with One Rose for MJJ:

First roses unboxed in 2010. Robyn on her own
delivered and saved this beautiful event for MJJ.
3,000 Roses of Love

First roses unboxed 2011.
Robyn set up over 4,500 roses to Holly Terrace
Robyn unboxing the first roses in 2012... this year her helpers were
 Nicky Rickard and Rachael Foster from the UK.
Nicky Rickard, me- Betty Byrnes and Rachael Foster with roses from
Holly Terrace which were dropped via heli over Neverland 2012
Rose Delivery Group 2012:
From top: Gi LeClerc (Canada),
me-Betty Byrnes (L.A., USA), Nicky Rickard (UK) on my right, 
Rachael Foster (UK),
bottom Robyn Starkand (L.A. at the time now FL, USA)
AND Michael's glow center stage.
10,477 Roses for Michael

Be God's Glow 2013
One Rose for MJJ on the Holly Terrace patio at FL 2013 
Holly Terrace Patio Steps 2013
Rose Delivery Group 2013 - 13,447 Roses for Michael

Roses for Michael at FL, Holly Terrace, full view 2014

Red roses lead to Holly Terrace sidewalk 2014
Rose Delivery Group 2014 - 15,627 Roses for Michael
Rose Delivery Group 2015 - 15,537 Roses for Michael
Rose Delivery Group 2016 - 10,547 Roses for Michael

7 Roses stand out 2017

Roses of L.O.V.E. 2017
One Rose Delivery Group 2017 - 8,527 Roses for Michael
The donations to various charities every year are so special and bring so much joy to so many. This acknowledgement from the Department of Veterans Affairs makes me so happy and proud to be apart of this beautiful event every year. I just feel and know Michael has always smiled down and been very proud of the charity donations One Rose makes in his name and memory. Soooo Cool! It's always been All For L.O.V.E. 💓🌹💓🌹💓

Robyn Starkand shared on 'One Rose for Michael J. Jackson' Face Book group page on June 1, 2018:

I am so proud to share this with every member of One Rose and any person that ever bought a Rose..... This certificate shows how important our roses are and that they DO make a difference when donated on June 26th. Veterans LA distributes to many..abused, homeless, hospice and many others.They have been a charity that has been with us from the beginning. Anyone that has ever bought a Rose should feel very proud at the contribution we have made in making a difference... I am sure Michael would be so proud and I know he is smiling down on us... :)


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

SCREAM - THRILLER 3D 🎶 Oh What A Night 🎶

SCREAM Premiere Los Angeles - Oct. 24, 2017

A very long awaited and much needed boost of absolute joy for MJ fans occurred in Hollywood last night at the SCREAM Premiere. 

It was wonderful to see some familiar MJ fans were able to fly in to attend the one night event. A large German contingent of MJ fans happen to be in Los Angeles and attended. For those who could not make it to L.A. you were with us in our hearts and definitely were missed and thought of during the night. Many local So. Cal. Fans from Michael Jackson Fans of Southern California (MJFSC) and some from neighboring states also made the drive to Hollywood for the festivities.

The Estate and MJ Online Team were of course at the helm with John Branca, Karen Langford and the MJ Online team all working to make this wonderful event and the night a big success. Director John Landis and the incredible award winning, special effects wizard, Rick Baker, and wardrobe people who helped make the Thriller short film the very BEST of all time were in attendance and were shown high appreciation. They sat only a few rows behind us. Also choreographer and dancer Travis Payne, beautiful Ola Ray and Joe and Jackie Jackson were in attendance among other celebs. Nick Cannon was our laid back host and donned gold glittery shoes to honor MJ for the occasion. He proudly talked about how he is/has always been a HUGE MJ fan and was not ashamed to MJ fan boy for all to see. 

The sweltering 100 degree Hollywood heat did not dampen our spirits too much as we excitedly waited in line on a side street for over an hour. It was an odd place for us to line up but allowed the ticket organizers from IOTA to ascertain only those with tickets obtained entrance. It was so wonderful to see so many beautiful and wonderful MJ fans together again. And as always greeting and meeting new MJ friends is really awesome. We truly are a special sisterhood… oh yes and wonderful MJ brothers as well. The MJ fam is just the BEST. Finally we were led in groups of 30 to Hollywood Blvd. whooping and whoo hooing our MJ Thriller best along the way. Our group was first to be led to the theater as a witty guide led us down the street admonishing us we'd get lost if we decided to duck in for any fried chicken or stop to take music CDs from hawkers on the street. So down and around the corner we marched together laughing and smiling then across blocked off Hollywood Blvd. I have to say it was a special feeling walking through the barriers past everyone on the street and down the red carpet to the main Graumans theater entrance. 

The night was off to a roaring start in a really 80s sort of way when on our walk to the theater along Hollywood Blvd. my heart stopped as I looked up from the Hollywood stars passing under my feet to see a Tom Cruise, in his prime, Top Gun look alike with a dazzling smile and glint in his eye smiling at me. And yes the words “You can be my wingman anytime” sprang to mind.

As we entered the large double lobby doors and walked past glass encased memorabilia from old Hollywood movies I was reminded of the Cleopatra memorabilia I’d previously viewed in the Grauman’s lobby and felt surely Elizabeth Taylor was happy to be represented on this special MJ night just as she had supported her dear friend, Michael, through the thick and thin of his life. We stopped at the counter for free movie popcorn and drinks. MJ’s spirit lifting music played loudly, the notes surrounding us, our hands full of our snacks and drinks, drawing us through the doors of the plush theater. There is just something very special about MJ’s music… it’s uplifting and heals the soul. We made our way down the stairs to our seats.

This is the first time I’ve been in the main Grauman’s theater since it’s been refurbished. They did a simply magnificent job of retaining the wonderful, elegant, Old Hollywood, original Grauman’s look. The only standout, main change is that there is no longer one long sweeping descent down the isle to the stage but now they've created two levels. Each with total viewing access to the screen. As always the best seats at most MJ shows are not in the very front at the stage. Our seats were in the front row of the 2nd tier and only a few rows back were the VIPs and John Branca, Karen Langford, John Landis, Rick Baker, Ola Ray, Joe and Jackie Jackson filled these seats. Rick Baker being directly behind us and John Branca in the outside seat on our right 4 rows back and Joe Jackson and Ola Ray on the left. Again I felt blessed to know without trying we were honored to have the best viewing seats as has happened so many times. Thank You God for special favors you know I love. 


As we waited for the show to begin I enjoyed a big bag of popcorn in a most MJ way as a trailer for Michael Jackson’s Halloween played over and over along with MJ trivia questions. I laughed out loud as I answered the trivia correctly. Most MJ fans can. Seems we have a special compartment in our brains for MJ. The Halloween cartoon which will debut on CBS this Friday, Oct 27, 2017 looks so cool! It is so awesome that Michael’s dream of making Halloween especially MJ is being fulfilled. Thank you to the Estate who has made this happen along with many other dreams Michael outlined in his 'to do list' he outlined when he was rehearsing for 'This Is It'. 

Soon Nick Cannon walked out on stage donned in his now typical turban head gear and opened the event. First up... the Ghosts movie/short film in all it’s awesomeness but on the big screen. WOW!!! Viewing Ghosts in a theater is a whole new experience and brings to light details I’ve never noticed while watching it on DVD. The big screen makes Ghosts crisp and NEW! It’s like seeing it for the first time AGAIN… but even better. I felt so much joy thinking Michael must have been feeling so proud as he watched from heaven, glittery socks & loafers dangling over the edge of a cloud as he downed a bag of popcorn while watching the crowd enjoy his work as it was meant to be seen. 

Next was the new Blood on the Dance Floor video played to not as much excitement. Jamie King and Cirque dancers putting their spin on MJ’s iconic original short film. All I can say about this one is it was so freaking awesome to see MJ’s gorgeousness in his red Blood On The Dance Floor suit up on the big screen and I wish there were more... much more of MJ in it. 

Nick Cannon then introduced John Landis to say a few words and introduce Thriller 3D, saying that he felt Michael would be so happy with the result of Thriller in 3D which was Michael's dream.  “PUT ON YOUR GLASSES!!!” he laughed and echoed
to us from the wings as an after thought while he exited the stage. Each seat had been supplied with 3D glasses so on they went as Thriller 3D loomed to life and filled the screen to whoops, applause and cheers. WOW! WOW! WOW! From the very first familiar scene that we have viewed probably millions of times by now… it was fresh, new, crisp and PRESENT. I felt a stark deja vu, as if catapulted back to the 80s feeling I was viewing Thriller for the first time… AGAIN! The freaking details you see in Thriller 3D are mind boggling.

What a fantastically amazing job John Landis has done with this short film.  I could imagine and feel Michael’s joy at finally having his work of art honored in 3D and another dream of his completed.


All I can convey is just think about Michael’s face smiling that playful, smirky grin in Thriller as he says, “Yeah, you were scared” in 3D on the big screen. I mean REALLY???? Yeah! That!!!

It was an amazingly joyful and wonderful evening. I do however have to say as always all the joy was countered with the nagging, old sadness that over took us on June 25, 2009. That sadness... the hole left in our collective hearts  when the world lost MJ
that will simply never go away. As well as the sadness that Michael himself is not present to see so many of his dreams and plans come to fruition. We will always miss you, Michael, and be forever grateful for all the joy, beauty and talent you gave the world. I'm personally so grateful I lived during your lifetime. The world is so much better because “We Had You” and there will forever remain a void in the heart of the world with you gone. Oh how we could use your L.O.V.E. and caring, loving consciousness for what was right and good for ALL in these times we live.

After the screening we began to make our way to the After Party upstairs but not before giving a big MJFSC cheer to John Landis who was greeting people at the seats right behind us. On the count of three we let out a big, “THANK YOU JOHN!!” Yes, thank you, for making MJ’s dream come true and blessing us with another short film work of art which again sets the bar even higher. We have all known for decades that Thriller will simply NEVER be topped… Thriller 3D is the only exception. 

At the after party we mingled along side celebs and HUGE MJ fans. Some spontaneously replicating MJ’s moves, quite exquisitely, on the dance floor. We were blessed to meet Puerto Rico born, Esai Morales and my dear friend, Deborah, exuberantly did not hesitate to tell him she loved his work in La Bamba. I was too shy to approach him. He was gracious and gorgeous.

Renowned DJ, Steve Aoki, pumped out the music as we noshed on hors d’oeuvres, enjoyed the open bar, mingled, sang and danced. It was a great night! 

MJ fans will be thrilled to know that in the not too distant future 'Ghosts' will also be remade into 3D and Thriller 3D will soon be released world wide.

🎶 Cause this is THRILLER, thriller night! And no one's gonna save you from the beast about to strike! 🎶


Watch Full Show Here!

 'Michael Jackson Halloween'