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.இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ— June 25th 2014 - Michael Week ♥

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." ~ Maya Angelou

I've been unable to write for months... ever since June 2014. I was not snubbing anyone... or disappearing from the MJ world... just quiet.

After Michael Jackson left this earth for his heavenly home, suddenly and unexpectedly I became filled... overflowing with words, phrases and thoughts that just HAD to be written down... NEEDED to be written and shared. I’d never been a “writer” and can’t say that I am now... really. However the jolting, shocking grief that over came me in the days, weeks and months that followed the loss of MJ also filled me with an inexplicable compulsion to write. I felt I simply MUST write or burst.... express my inner soul. 

As I began to share my writings I realized I was not the only person filled with the desire to share about MJ in some creative way. All over this planet MJ fans were expressing themselves and still are. In fact it was as if Michael as he left this earth sprinkled a bit of his Tinkerbell Fairy dust over many of us sharing a bit of the massive creativity that once filled him on this earth.... with millions of us. Giving us a final gift of love and art... filling us with a huge creative urge to express ourselves. It has been an enormous blessing for me... an outlet... my healing process. 

June 25, 2014 marked the fifth year of Michael’s death. MJ fans have gathered every year at Forest Lawn to pay tribute and respect to Michael on this day in June. This year was no different. Yet I was different. That grief that hit me on June 25, 2009 like a semi truck had only grown to become like a roaring freight train in my life. Yet now I’m changed... the train has slowed to a livable pace... is drifting now. Grief is a process. 

I personally have been so blessed. I live in Southern California and am able to visit so many Michael places... Michaeling. Connected... following in his footsteps... researching... learning... feeling and touching and experiencing MJ’s HIStory in a tactile way. Although most of those places have now become less exciting and more like everyday to me... I still simply love to see the faces of those I take around to experience the Michaeling adventure. It’s like watching the joy of a young child as they learn something new and their eyes light up... like experiencing the magical beauty and flutter of a butterfly for the first time. 

Yet why have I been blocked... why is there NOTHING when I sit down to write? I always wondered how long this gift would last... always asking the Lord... “Is it over now ?” Maybe. Why then? June was packed full of beautiful friends, events, celebrations of LOVE and Michael’s life. All the things I love to share... taking others along for the ride. It truly was amazing!! Yet I was stymied for words.

Then today... I heard a clip which I’d heard for the first time at Brad Sundberg’s Homecoming: In The Studio with MJ Seminar at Westlake Studios on June 25th. The MOST incredible video I’ve EVER seen of Michael. He is in a N.Y. studio... inside a glass sound booth with just headphones... no costume... no make up. In his typical red shirt and black pants and fedora... singing... creating... recording and absolutely nailing it like NO one else could. Outside the booth is a the full orchestra... in the background you can hear the children laughing and talking from the video. The song: “Have You Seen My Childhood?” The clip of the audio on YT was not taped on the up and up by a fan while attending the seminar as all cameras, phones etc. were suppose to be handed over and stored until after the seminar. Yet... I was suppose to hear this song... AGAIN.  So I feel extremely blessed to have experienced it in June. It was another life changing moment for me. This clearly unauthorized taping of the audio from the seminar video jolted me... AGAIN... as on the day I first saw and heard it. 

Michael had/has that ability with his voice to spark fires in the souls of men and women without even being in their presence. This God given gift touches deep down inside. There are no words for it. It is just simply spiritually anointed.

That video... that experience seeing and hearing it on studio speakers as if Michael was in the room with you... the heaven on earth look of sheer utter joy on MJ’s face as he leaps into the air with perfectionist satisfaction at having nailed it perfectly in one take...  there are no words for that. Inexplicable... so why try? So I couldn't even write about it... until today.

The massive numbers of MJ fans from all over the world descended on L.A. in joy and love in remembrance of the most incredible soul God blessed us with for too short a time on this earth. So many in fact that events I planned and others planned were so packed there was not enough room for everyone. It was simply overwhelming... no words would come.

Things change... people change... hopefully we grow. My hope is that I grow... never stay stagnant in life... especially spiritually. I want to take what Michael gave the world... has taught me personally by his example in the incredible, multilayered life he lived and use it in a positive way... share it in LOVE. I’ve learned so much from Michael. He was and still is an amazing teacher and inspiration in my life. He always pointed to God... to Jesus... emulated Jesus. He was a human being with human frailties and character flaws like all humans. He was not... IS not God. I feel so sad for those who pray ‘to’ Michael... for they do not know the utter joy, strength and graceful miraculous touch of the true God that Michael loved in their lives. The one who gifted him and was his source.

I once knew an incredible man... he was a member of Alcoholic Anonymous and about 70 at the time... this was about 30 years ago so I’m sure he has gone to his heavenly home by now. He was the most brilliant scientist and I still can't even believe I... this lowly soul... ever had the privilege of knowing him. A Nobel Prize winner...  yet he sat in murky, candle lit rooms while struggling alcoholics like himself bared their souls in order to hold onto dignity in life and sobriety. A genius of a man, large in stature with a kind face and spirit, a soft spoken, gentle man with deep strength. I will never forget... as I was searching for meaning and direction in my life via astrology at the time and prattled on about how my horoscope said... but wow my day didn’t go that way... I was baby sitting my friend’s bird while she was on vacation and it died... I killed it somehow (I thought at the time I did)... so what is up with that?...  Blah Blah Blah... sharing a 'I want to crawl under a rock type feeling'. After the meeting he came to me and gently took me by the arm... looked deep into my eyes and succinctly said, “Why not go directly to the source who made the stars and look to Him for your answers? There is your real power.” Words that changed me forever. 

God brings us people to speak to us... to guide us... to help us on our journey. He uses the most unexpected ways to teach us. After all wasn’t Jesus the King of all Kings born and placed in a lowly manger? How random and unexpected was that? Michael Jackson was like that for me as well. He spoke to my soul. Before his death he was a mega star... incredibly talented and controversial. Someone FAR away from my life. In my life only on the radio... famous... unapproachable... not really real. I was so busy surviving the blows of life and raising my children I didn’t even realize I was an MJ fan. Yet his music, short films and TV spots filled my life... created magic and special moments.... that gave me the escape I craved. Is that not a fan? I organized my life around them. The word fan was weird... just silly to me. I didn’t want to be a 'fan' of anyone... well except the Lord. I hid in God’s word and in church. I learned about loss and pain first hand for many, many years. Each new year was going to be the year that things would change. Yet only more loss and pain persisted... like a 15 year plague... just surviving... existing... losing more and more people in my life. Many times I felt like Job in the Bible minus the locusts and boils. 

The incredibly ironic gift is that in MJ’s death... life was restored to my broken heart. In my grief for Michael’s loss all my pain and suffering was encapsulated into a reason to grieve.... along with millions of others who felt the same way. The axis of my life was altered... on a new course. The question WHY at the forefront. Why Lord did you allow this most special person to die way too soon? Why Lord did you allow so much pain in his life? I identified with Michael’s persecution and suffering.... pain and torment.  Why did I not see it before his death? It must be true... that sadly... we do not really truly know what we have until it’s gone. This realization has changed my outlook on life. Embrace the now... embrace who you LOVE now. Don't wait until they are gone.

Michael Jackson was a treasure, a precious gem. He taught the world about love by continuing to love even while being bullied and hated by those who didn’t even know him. He is a testament that LOVE wins. I believe that the Lord took him too soon to save him... save him from a much worse pain. He had already endured so much... yet they... the media... the sensationalist who bottom feed on lies and slander, the users and leeches and hanger on-ers would never have left him alone. Evil loves to tear apart and destroy  good.... and Michael was too good... too kind... too generous. There was only more pain and grief to come. God knew Michael's fragile, broken heart simply could not bear anymore pain. So the Lord took him to His side. His special child, Michael, had done what he was created to do. He shared his gifts freely... he gave his heart fully... and it was time for God to take him under His wing and protect him from any further pain and torment.

He spared Michael... and ironically in the process the Lord connected me to life and people I never thought in my wildest dreams I’d ever meet. God is good like that... restoring lives. He can take the most broken and turn their ashes into joy. That is what has happened in my life as I look to God for my guidance and direction. He works through people like my scientist friend... my MJ friends... my family... the friends of MJ... MJ himself... and he molds us like clay... directs our path... opens our mind and heart and soul to be all He created us to be. He sees us perfect and completed... always has... since before we were just a twinkle in Father God’s eye.

Well... apparently I am no longer blocked or not blocked at the moment anyway. All gifts are from God... the ultimate source... our creator. It is God and God alone who frees us in HIS time to do HIS calling... not ours. God has better plans for us than we could ever dream or imagine. Since June God has called me to be silent on my blog. It has been a time of digesting, questioning, sharing personally with others, but mostly resting and refocusing. 

June.... This month holds the day that will mark my life forever... this sad anniversary has become a celebration of Michael's life. June was amazing. Fans around the world had been saving and planning to visit Los Angeles for the 5th year anniversary of the passing of Michael Jackson.  The result was they showed up in droves from all around the globe. I love the different languages and accents. I met literally 100s of beautiful people in person who I’ve talked with and communicated with only online for years now...   your faces and smiles shine bright in my memory. There were tears and smiles and most of all hugs and healing. I feel so privileged that God has allowed me on this journey.

There were many great events and gatherings in June for 'Michael Week' as it has come to be known... it was simply non stop and packed with activity and Michaeling.

Here are a few highlights from the week... 

♥ Brad Sundberg’s In The Studio with Michael Jackson Seminar at Westlake:

Yes!!! Brad Sundberg’s, The Homecoming, In The Studio with MJ Seminar at Westlake Studios in Beverly Hills was at the top of the list for me. There are simply no words to describe it. Stories, recording clips and pictures of Michael behind the scenes creating his magic shared by those who were personally with him while he made many of his albums.

MJ’s personal chefs were also on hand with MJ’s fav food for us to indulge in. I especially enjoyed the enchiladas, pop corn and Hot Banana Pudding. Two ladies, The Slam Dunk Sisters, as MJ dubbed them, shared stories about cooking for MJ and time with him. Michael flew them all over the world when he craved their cooking. One story in particular about a time they were summoned to cook MJ’s favorite dinner ‘cheese enchiladas’ at Neverland for a visitor. How MJ leaned over the upstairs banister and yelled to them there would be someone knocking on the door soon and that he wanted them both to answer it and he’d be down in a while. Soon there was the knock so they went to the door and opened it and there stood PRINCE. Yes! That Prince... Purple Rain Prince... all decked out top to bottom in a canary yellow suit with white platform shoes and a top hat with a large white plum out the side. He stood there meekly holding a little gift box for Michael. They were totally at a loss for words and just stood back against the wall as he walked in the front door past them... speechless... their mouths hanging open. MJ took a while to make his entrance then suddenly appeared at the top of the stairs, glittering and dressed to the nines... for an outfit showdown. There he stood saying nothing just looking directly at Prince. Prince took a stance like 'Check me out!' and MJ responded with his pose... giving each other the showdown glare with each striking pose. This went on for sometime as they showed their awesome stuff off. Then they broke into laughter and started giggling, slapping each other on the back and telling each other how great they looked. They settled in for a long night of friendship, dinner and movies... just hanging out and being themselves. 

It’s stories like these... the private and yes many funny moments that are gems for me. The man behind the persona. This seminar was filled with so many genius moments of Michael in action behind the scenes... writing songs bit by bit... listening as a few notes on the piano became an entire song... listening to the whole process of the genius at work. It was mind boggling. The Childhood video was life changing for me. It touched my soul... my heart in a way I’d not felt since MJ’s death.  The look of utter sheer joy as his perfectionist soul achieved the finished product and expressed with his angelic voice... saying openly to the world what he’d always wanted to say... literally... "Have you seen my childhood?"

More changed for me too when listening to Brad speak so lovingly and respectfully of Michael. As with all those who were close to MJ... who really knew him... Brad knew him as a person not a persona and his view of him is different than that of a fan. He shared about the artist at work. The everyday working guy doing a job which just happened to be sharing the most incredible God given talent the world has ever seen.

I had reminded Brad that at 2:20pm MJ fans everywhere normally observe a moment of silence. He expressed he didn’t want his seminar to be morbid or down... he wanted it to celebrate the life of Michael and his genius. He felt Michael would not want us hanging our heads in sadness. He said he’d prayed about it and was still giving it some thought but might not include that moment. I gave that moment to God and went with the flow. Before I realized it the moment came... Brad looked at his watch. Acknowledged that he wanted everyone to enjoy this day... it had been mentioned to him about the moment of silence... then he began to share from his heart. Not facts... not clips... not sound bites... but his heart. He began to tear up... but fought it off not wanting to ruin things for the fans by crying yet that is what we all identified with... what was in our hearts. The missing... we needed to see those who loved and respected Michael also missed him terribly. This genius Peter Pan who had made such a dynamic personal global impact on millions of lives... only someone gifted by God could do such a thing.

Brad shared a simple story of once stopping to get gas on the way to Neverland and absently mindedly adding some Chapstick he’d seen at the check stand that MJ used all the time... AND was always setting down somewhere and loosing. So he randomly grabbed and added a few tubes in a plastic case of the simple, plain black Chapstick to his purchase. He arrived at Neverland and went to work, busy installing sound equipment into a tree to pump music to that spot. Music was installed EVERYWHERE on the property... unexpected places like trees and rocks and special different sound tracks were piped in for each place. Michael drove up in a golf cart, just like on many days when he was home, and cheerfully greeted him, “Hey Brad!” Brad responded with a “Hi Michael...” and “Oh, by the way I picked up something for you.” Then reaching in his pocket and retrieving the Chapstick he’d stuck there, pulled it out and casually tossed it to him. Michael caught it and was stunned. He looked up at Brad... touched to his core... silent... and began to cry. Then softly said, “You noticed. You noticed. Thank you so much. Thank you.” It was such a little, random, kind gesture that meant so much to Michael. Just the thought that someone would notice something so small and care enough to think of him. Brad, a big man, over six foot tall, holding back tears said... “I just miss the little guy. I really miss him.” At that moment our hearts all nodded in agreement.

 No more words needed.

Each of Brad's seminars are different and are chock full of amazing MJ content. Rumor has it that Brad’s Seminar will return next June. Personally I very much hope so as it is something to definitely save for and attend. So well worth the price of admission. But then Michael always hired the very best and like Michael, Brad is a perfectionist and presents the very best.


 ♥ Glittery Tattoo Meet and Greet:

 There were sooo many MJ fans there it was crazy. Normally about 30 to 50 of us just sit in a living room type, bar atmosphere, very relaxed and share and talk... eat and drink. This year there was no way of doing this as thousands of MJ fans descended upon Los Angeles for the 5th anniversary... it grew this year exponentially. This event has always been a loose mix and mingle of laughter, drinks and bonding of hearts. People are free to come and go and never feel they need to stick to a schedule... and each year it grows. As with most things we plan... God laughs... and this event turned out to be it’s own entertainment. I lost count... there were so many people and I apologize to anyone who didn’t get your tattoo because of time restraints and unexpected, bizarre hotel restrictions... long story and long line. I have learned to go with the flow in life and that is how my MJ events seem to go as well... they take on a life of their own. It's always an adventure. Next year we may need to find a new venue to accommodate both the glittery tattoos and those who love to party together. All in all it was a great success because what it truly is about is celebrating the joy and love of Michael that brought us all together. A great big thanks to MK for kindly showing up and sharing his incomparable, beautiful MJ self at this event. 




 ♥ HIE Meet and Greet:

This event was simply awesome. Hundreds of MJ fans showed up packing the meeting hall at Holiday Inn Express Hollywood. There were smiles everywhere as we gathered to hear MJ’s photographer, Harrison Funk, share about his time with Michael. He showed us amazing, private pictures of Michael photo shoots from his collection. What a privilege to listen to him talk so lovingly and loyally about Michael and what it was like to work with him. This was an incredible time for all.

 Wanda always does such a great job putting this event together and providing food and snacks.


♥ One Rose for Michael J. Jackson 2014:

This out pouring of LOVE for Michael is proof that LOVE wins... showing in the number of gorgeous, brilliant red roses that increases in size for Michael at Holly Terrace each year. This year an unbelievable and massive show of love with 15,627 Red Freedom Roses being lovingly placed at MJ’s burial site. This incredible, royal-red carpet of love for our King of Pop is only best viewed in full from above by helicopter. 

We the MJ fans globally continue to show the media... the world...  the universe that we will NEVER forget Michael Jackson. That he is truly LOVED and that love continues to grow for him and will never die. I feel so privileged to be a part of this incredible tribute of massive love for Michael. One Rose... One Heart... One LOVE for MJJ. A very special great big THANK YOU to Robyn and Sarrah for continuing to over see this beautiful event.

Each year we are all amazed and blown away at the showing of LOVE with these beautiful red roses. The red carpet of love grows more every year. I pray this event continues For All Time and will continue to grow in overflowing LOVE for Michael until the display of red roses completely surrounds and hugs the entire Holly Terrace Mausoleum front and back where MJ lays at rest.


♥ MJ's Lanterns of LOVE:

This was the first year for this event and it was spectacularly peaceful and meaningful for me. After going with a small group of spirited MJ fans to deliver One Rose roses to the Aides Project Los Angeles in the One Rose pay it forward event... I went directly to the beach while the sun was still warm to find peace and solace before fans arrived. Sitting quietly on the beach reflecting, taking in the suns rays and beauty of the ocean I meditated on where I had come in life since MJ's death. I felt so blessed and loved. There are no words to explain the scene on the beach this night. The orange and purple sunset with Santa Monica Pier glowing in the back ground as the MJ fans gathered in love... made this an overwhelmingly blessed experience of peace. So many from distant, far away lands all gathered, connected now... closely sharing hugs and laughter. The lanterns glowed from the heart of each fan around the world on the beach very near where Michael raved with joy, like a kid at Christmas, when he experienced his very first tented Cirque de Soleil show with John Branca. This event was simple... simply love... in the sand for Michael and each other. With the Pacific Ocean mist on our faces... the ocean breeze in our hair we shared what Michael shared with the world... LOVE. Beach chairs and blankets set out, enjoying the glow of the lanterns as dusk turned to darkness... and of course MJ’s music softly playing... then we all joined in and sang Man In The Mirror as squeals of joy and fun were heard on the pier in the distance. So very reminiscent of Michael’s Neverland. A very blessed night indeed. 


♥ MJ One Vegas -
'before' party at the Palms and 'after' Party at the Mix - Mandalay Bay Hotel:

Thank you to Melanie for continuing to facilitate the Before MJ One Party at the Palms Hotel. It is always so fun and it grows each year as well.

Wow! Wow! Wow! is all I can say... seeing the Cirque MJ One show for the 4th time and it was still absolutely amazing...

BUT then the impromptu (the very best and can never be replicated) dance party on the top floor in the Mix Bar was all out AWESOME!!! Thank you to Marty for making this happen!! MJ fans from all groups around the world spontaneously showed up and we danced to MJ’s Xscape album as the DJ played song after song. Whoooo Hooooo...  LOVE Never Felt So Good... the place was rockin'. We turned it up LOUD! Dancing into the wee hours... enjoying views of Las Vegas you don’t see else where especially from the ladies and mens bathrooms. LOL I’ll leave that to your imagination. It was a fantastic way to end an incredible Michael week! 

♥ Memories for a lifetime!! ♥
Now to rest up for next year.................

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♥ OneRose4MJJ 2014 Telethon!! .இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ—

Final 2014 Rose Total for Michael!!! 15,627 .இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ—
.இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ— .இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ— .இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ— .இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ— .இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ— .இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ—

Let's show the world our LOVE for Michael. MJJ will NEVER be forgotten. Join the XCITEMENT of the final hours of this year's One Rose for MJJ... What will the final number of roses be???? Can we bring Michael 15,777 for the 5th year of his leaving this earth???? YES WE CAN!!! Join in the excitement!!


.இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ— .இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ— .இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ— .இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ— .இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ— .இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ—

'OneRose4MJJ 2014 Telethon' information:

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
7 PM Pacific 10 PM Eastern

Multicasting live tonight on 4 different websites: (with live chatroom) (no chat) (no chat)

Apple iOS & Android users try here:

Buy a rose for $3 USD:
go to, use any bank/atm card or credit card at


♥ Also previously posted on Michael's Heart promo for One Rose 4 MJJ 2014 ♥


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The Triumph of MJ’s Xscape – Estate of Michael Jackson

An announcement from the Estate of Michael Jackson by the MJ Online Team:

As with so many times before, Michael Jackson’s artistry and genius is again at center stage.
The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of promotion for Michael’s new album, XSCAPE – starting with the premiere of the album’s first single “Love Never Felt So Good” on the iHeart Music Awards, and continuing to the performance on the Billboard Awards Sunday night. These performances were the highlights of both shows and netted Michael the #1 album on the planet, the #1 spot on iTunes and Spotify and the #1 single/video on iTunes!

Michael’s music is also part of two worldwide advertising campaigns – Sony Mobile using “Slave To The Rhythm” and Jeep using “Love Never Felt So Good.” This is an incredible testament to the King of Pop! Our goal is to reach as many people as possible and to expand the community to include as many new fans as possible. Given all that has happened in these last few weeks, that goal has been accomplished. Everyone around the world is talking about Michael’s music and his achievements!
Our other goal is to use new and innovative ways to create entertainment on a grand scale that allows the world to experience Michael’s magic – something that reflects Michael’s love of spectacle and grandeur and his own desire to be a step ahead of others. The best entertainment is that which evokes “suspended disbelief”; it’s about entertainment, not reality. When David Copperfield makes an airplane disappear, the illusion is no less compelling because it is not real. No one will ever replace Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. And certainly no one can dance like the greatest entertainer who ever lived – not even an illusion. Michael’s music and spirit are immortal, and that has been proven again these last few weeks. In bringing Michael’s spirit to the stage, the entire world was reminded of Michael’s genius as a singer, a dancer, and an innovator who pushed the envelope.

We want to thank the MJ fan community for their continued support for Michael and wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the things that we are seeing and reading. The incredible visibility over the last few weeks as the world has celebrated the release of XSCAPE is amazing. We hope the fans are as thrilled as we are to see all of this promotion call attention to Michael’s music. Here are some of the highlights of the reaction to the Billboard performance. You will soon see the reaction to the first week sales of XSCAPE.

Good Morning America described the “history making spectacle” like this: “The technology wowed the audience…it was a bit of Michael magic…well done, indeed.”
Jackie Jackson said “It was like he was right here with us. I got teary eyed to see my brother up there. I thought he was there for real.”

Ludacris chimed in: “It sent chills down my spine.” Watch here:
This is what Twitter looked like when Michael Jackson segment aired on the Billboard Music Awards:
This was the biggest audience that the Billboard Music Awards has enjoyed in 13 years. ABC, the network that carried the broadcast, won the night for most viewers. The highest viewership occurred between 9-10 p.m. – when Michael’s segment occurred.
LA Times says “Michael Jackson Thrills In Hologram Performance”:
E! Online thought it was “Incredible”:
Euro Weekly News says “Jackson Thrills At Music Awards”:
German report describes the illusion like a “mirror of the real thing:”
Robin Roberts of Good Morning America Tweeted: Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.16.21 PM

Diddy loved the experience:
Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.18.05 PM
Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.19.27 PM
Fox News: “He stole the show” Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.21.20 PM
Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.22.55 PM
Mark Cuban, owner of  Dallas Mavericks instagrammed: He’s Baaaccck!
Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.27.04 PM

And from fans:
Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.29.37 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.29.22 PM

And all of this is in addition to the fact that Xscape is #1 in 50 countries; “Slave To The Rhythm” shot from #311 to #39 on the iTunes charts, and the album is currently #1 worldwide on Spotify as well.

Here is just a small taste of the worldwide press:

Xscape is #1:
Xscape debuts #1:
India gives Xscape The Bombay Flip Project Treatment:
Xscape in Italy:
Xscape in Macedonia:
The press was delighted with Usher’s performance to “Love Never Felt So Good” at the iHeartMusic Awards at the beginning of the month:
The Jeep Commercial featuring “Love Never Felt So Good” is set to be the song of the summer:
“This is a unique collaboration with Epic Records and L.A. Reid, and the USA Basketball Team — together we are creating a new definition of summer,” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer, Chrysler Group LLC. “‘Love Never Felt So Good’ makes you want to dance, to move, to play, to get up off the couch…” – See more at:
“Jeep Ads Bop To Michael Jackson Track”:
“Michael Jackson Unreleased Song in Jeep Ads”:
SiriusXM debuted an all-Michael Jackson channel:
And of course, you are all familiar with the worldwide campaign with Sony Mobile that launched promotions for the album:
And, then there have been, of course, the incredible events produced by you, the fan clubs. Those celebrations have been invaluable, and we love seeing reports, photos, videos, and updates from those activities.

Let’s continue to celebrate Michael’s music.

The Official Online Team of The Michael Jackson Estate™

Updated Note from the Estate distributed by the Official MJ Online Team
May 21, 2014, 5:33pm PDT:

Hi MJ Fam:

The Estate has asked us to send you the following note: 
"By now, we know that many of you have seen all of the charts around the world. We are so proud of the way that the MJ fan community has rallied to support Michael and his legacy by buying Xscape. The events that you organized were outstanding, and the posts, tweets, Instagrams, blogs, and other messages encouraging friends and family to buy, along with your purchases of multiple copies of the album were instrumental in selling as many units as we did. While we were disappointed that the record fell just short of claiming Michael's 7th #1 on the  Billboard chart, the album is number one in many territories and is the #1 album in overall worldwide sales, a feat we are extremely proud of.  It's a new world out there, and the fact that Xscape remains #1 on Spotify and Rhapsody and that the "Love Never Felt So Good" video is #1 on iTunes and in the Top 20 at YouTube cannot be ignored. The world has rallied again behind Michael's music, and we, as a community, should be proud of the album's performance this week. We’re only just getting started!"


The Official Online Team of The Michael Jackson Estate™

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Xscape... L.A. Listening Party

We were a party of eleven global MJ fans... ranging in age from early twenties to over sixty... all hardcore MJ fans... for some it was a journey of 20 hours with overlays... for others less time in flight from their homes on the other side of the globe or across the states... for me it was a familiar hour drive in L.A. traffic. For all of us it is a journey to the unknown... filled with MJ Butterflies. I’m feeling very nervous and anxious... filled with so many thoughts and feelings. I end up blathering on like a magpie... not ever sure what I’m talking about but so happy to be meeting new MJ fans who share my heart. Some I know by name only on Face Book and others I’ve never met. I love that moment when the Face Book name registers with the face and hugs ensue.

Although very anxious for a long awaited new MJ CD... always in the back of my mind I’m thinking, “A new album from Michael Jackson... how good could it possibly be without the man himself here to give it the final nod?” I personally felt some deep trepidation since the invite arrived. We weren’t told what the invite was for... everything was top secret... however deducing there had been listening parties in Paris, London and N.Y... my guess was L.A. had to be next. What if I didn’t really like this album? As an MJ fan I resigned myself to being very grateful there are original untouched demos on the deluxe version. No one can screw those up... Michael at his bare bones finest. Any true MJ fan has been listening to leaked versions of songs for years now... sorry but it’s true. We all drink in Michael’s voice in any version... grateful to hear his genius. I had decided one way or another... although grateful for the invite I would be honest about what I thought and felt. I may never be invited back to such an event but... I have to be loyal to my truth! I mean really without Michael’s personal touch, work ethic, excellence of product, his quiet, tender, kind, humble and respectful way of accepting only the best of himself and others, the masterful way in which he drove all who worked for him and studied under him to strive for depths of excellence they never knew existed... without him here... how good could it really be? Soooo many questions had been running through my mind and heart.

Heartbreakingly over the last five long years the world has had to deal with the devastating fact... Michael is gone... the King is gone... leaving a huge void in our hearts and the music industry. There is not a day that goes by for me that I do not play, watch and hear Michael Jackson sing. There just aren’t any other artists, although very talented, that consistently touch my heart the way Michael continues to with his timeless music.

Around the world it is agreed upon by music critics and fans alike Michael’s unfinished demos are masters of high quality better than most finished product out there today. The music stars of today although many are amazingly talented only attempt to rise to MJ's artistic level. Only MJ can fill his shoes and this is a fact which will forever remain concrete!  

So then what does happen when Michael’s beautifully layered vocals which he anointed with his genius are touched by producers who once worked with the KOP one on one... those highly respected in the business who STILL deeply love and respect Michael... who listened diligently and learned from Michael’s example and tutelage one on one when he still walked this earth? 

The answer...
Michael reaches out from the universe, from his heavenly home and works his magic from the biospheres!
The King is back! Just as he wished... his music... his art LIVES on! 

That special perfect voice... no one can touch or duplicate... the depth of emotion in vocal story telling... the growl in his voice... the vocals layered over and over one another.... the ecstatic Hee Hees... blissfulness... escapism... Xscape!!

 I felt the same chills while listening to this new album as I felt years ago when I used to watch each new MTV MJ short film or listen to each new MJ album. Yes it's all there!!

Spirits run high when we all realize we are being taken to the Henson Studios, home of the Muppets, formerly A&M Studios which holds within its walls great Michael history. This is a place on my Michaeling bucket list which has been untouchable... a closed, secure, working studio. So for me it’s a mission complete and an amazingly wonderful surprise! We are escorted into a very special place... Studio A. Directed to sit in chairs in the middle of the room where giant multi-level speakers focus on us. We take a seat and as I look around realize this is a very familiar place... a very MICHAEL place. A place where music history was made in the '80s.

In my nervousness I am talking up a storm... sorry everyone... that is what I do when I am nervous... suddenly it all registers and I see Michael before me... and blurt out... “This is the studio where Michael recorded ‘We Are The World’!" Yes along with so many 80’s music stars... directed by Q to ‘Leave your egos at the door.’ I feel myself hoping that many on this new MJ album followed suite with Q's directive as well. 

As I look around the room I realize the chairs are set up just about where Michael stood when he recorded the masters for all the stars to learn their part on the song. MJ perfectly singing every range of the song for each of them. I picture Quincy at his music stand and Frank Delio with his cigar where now sits a computer and a sound board table. I look around the room and yes there is the wall! The wall where Michael sat on the floor, leaned up against it as he worked with Lionel Richie on that ground breaking charity based anthem. As thoughts of the magic and history of 'We Are The World' flood my mind I am reminded again with Michael everything was innovative and groundbreaking. I wonder how can anyone meet that expectation with him gone? How good could this album possibly be?

We are told that LA Reid who produced with Baby Face, and now the CEO of Epic Studios will be our personal DJ. What? YES! He himself will be playing the Xscape album for us. Cool bring it on!!

Sylvia Rhone - President of Sony Music Epic Records
LA Reid - Chairman & CEO of Epic Records
Xcitement and anticipation builds... many Epic and Sony executives enter the room including Sylvia Rhone, president of Sony, a slight lady in a spring dress with a perky attitude and very warm and friendly spirit. They shake our hands... we whisper to each other asking who many of them are. Shake our heads... we have no idea. No suits... all casual in tennis shoes and jeans... some are looser than others... some clearly are uncomfortable and look like they have more important things to do... well it’s the corporate world so yeah that is to be expected... we exchange friendly hellos and handshakes with some and learn these people are very down to earth and many are MJ fans like us. Wait???? What???? These are Sony/Epic executives... right? I’m confused... this is not jelling with all I’ve heard about Sony... evil Sony... Sony Sucks... Sony is phoney! Yes... THAT Sony. The Sony of Tommy Matolla and years gone by... the Sony that Michael passionately spoke out about. I feel a big “Yeah whatever” come over me... I know the two faced corporate world.... we’ll see how this all plays out. 

Instead while we wait I focus on the fans... many are those I interact with from the other side of the world... now connecting Face Book names and emails with real life faces. Navi who eerily has Michael’s deep round brown eyes is here and happily we reunite. Hugs ensue all around... especially for, beautiful, April, my dear friend Bonnie’s daughter from Boston. Bonnie has run MJ-Upbeat website in LOVE for Michael since 2003. After Michael’s death she was the loving person the Lord provided who became my life buoy in an ocean of grief. A lovely lady from Japan, Michiko, shows me her wonderful MJ jacket and purse... they have the best MJ clothes in Japan. I’m so happy to meet Mickie Qbee, a fun loving lady who is staff on MJJ Community. I’ve been asked to support a very shy fan from Germany, Jasmina, I look for her. Shy? I chuckle as I see she is chatting away with other MJ fans totally at home with those around her. What a privilege to be apart of such a gathering of MJ fans from the UK, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and the USA. It’s so astonishing to me that we barely know one another and yet through Michael Jackson’s music we instantly bond, quickly become friends in person. Michael the heart hook, the glue which draws us together as ONE.

John Branca and Karen Langford who are committed to excellence and protecting Michael’s legacy and his children confirm now we are indeed at the L.A. Xscape listening party. John Branca speaks to us about many songs Michael worked on that were not released as intended such as ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin” was originally recorded for ‘Off The Wall’ but used three years later on ‘Thriller.’ ‘Earth Song’ and ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ were originally recorded for ‘Dangerous’, but eventually used four years later on ‘HIStory.’ He explained that the songs left over from recording for certain albums, although recorded in full, aren’t necessarily finished but nor are they necessarily songs Michael had disregarded as unreleasable. They just didn't fit on to that particular album.

We all sit in Michael’s ‘We Are The World’ studio on the Henson lot anxiously anticipating Michael's voice when LA Reid enters the room and John introduces him. An amiable, warm and friendly man he talks about his deep, committed responsibility to Michael with this album. Sharing his heart he explains from the very start he let John Branca and John McClain know there is no way he would even consider touching Michael’s work unless he personally felt it was already at a stage where Michael had shown he loved the songs. He explains that as he personally listened to the demos the Estate provided him... with an open mind to say No... the songs with the layers of continued work are the ones which clearly had Michael’s nod of approval... showing him the way... that Michael loved those songs. If Michael never continued to work on something... if he only sang the chorus and he never worked on it again... that demo was out. Clearly and humbly he explained that he loves and respects Michael Jackson and has been a very long time fan and was privileged and awed to work with Michael in the later years but with Michael's passing their projects were never completed. I relate... wait... I relate to LA Reid? What? Well we all have regrets in the area of Michael... on a different level completely... I regret never attending a concert... never meeting Michael... but God had other plans for me. Here this man who regrets never finishing his work with MJ... God had other plans for him as well.

He is beaming like a kid at Christmas... clearly anxious to play the album for us... we are all on the edge of our seats... very anxious. The first song on the album “Love Never Felt So Good” begins... and Michael’s voice, an undeniable beat of Michael’s heart fills the room. The true test of a Michael song is if you feel it throughout your body... into your bones... giving you chills... if it moves you and there is just no sitting still. We are all moving to the beat in our chairs. It’s GOOD! YES it’s REALLY, REALLY GOOD!! I glance over at Navi with a knowing smile and we nod. YES! We agree... it’s true to MICHAEL... at least for this first song... THE KING IS BACK!! 

With each song... the same feeling overwhelms us... soon I can’t stay in my chair... I’m up and dancing... and I do NOT dance in public. I move to the middle of the room where the speakers focus all sound. Many of the executives are dancing and enjoying even more so than the fans. Well we are after all listening for the first time... yet it is undeniably EXCELLENT so far. Soon all the fans are smiling and up... NO one is still seated. All are moving to the beat... Michael’s voice filling our hearts and souls. All 8 songs are played for us. I simply can’t tell you which one is my favorite... I love them all! Everyone is so far superior to the majority of empty, soulless, shallow songs out there today. Sorry Bruno and JT... you are still awesome!!

Another true test of a great Michael album... each one could be a single... a hit! Yet they all cohesively work together and speak to one another. Too soon all eight songs are played and it’s over. LA Reid who has been grooving, dancing and playing virtual drums, piano and directing an invisible spherical orchestra returns to the sound table and asks,“Again?” We all nod with a resounding, “YES!” So one song at a time he plays the album for us again... After the first or second song replays he asks, “What do you think? Let it play or is that it!” I burst out with, “Let it play!” I NEED to hear these Michael songs again... I need to listen deeper. Yes the true test... if an MJ album is listened to over and over and over... will it still be current, relevant and amazing the 2nd or 1000th time? 

I have this deep heartfelt pang wishing for the millionth time that Michael was still here to be the one to finish these songs himself. Although ecstatic that they are absolutely excellent... I wonder what they would sound like with his masterful genius finishing touch.  I’ve come to accept this thought will never leave... it just won’t. Of course we all wish he was still with us... fact is he’s not. Truth is... gratefully we are so very, very blessed that he left a treasure trove and his music still lives on! 

The album finishes a full second play and LA pulls his chair from behind the sound table for a one on one Q&A. Comfortably relaxed and open to us he crosses one leg over another as he explains about his resistance at first to complete any MJ demo. He is CEO of Epic records... he no longer needs to spend endless hours in a studio mixing and adding just the right elements to a song. Yet with Michael’s demos... Michael’s music... it was a chance to bring things full circle... to find healing from the loss of Michael.... for him it was an opportunity to bring to fruition unfinished work. A chance to honor the KOP in his house Sony/Epic Music bringing Michael the honor he so sorely deserves. He let it be known that no other company than Epic should be the one to produce this album after all Epic was Michael’s home and all his albums were produced by Epic.  He shared about working with Michael and that MJ had told him, “LA it’s not about the money with me. It’s about being the best... being at the top.”

For LA Reid, as well, it’s clearly not about the money. As we prod him with questions as to why he decided to work on this MJ album he digs deeper. Sharing his heartfelt personal thoughts about his own life. That since his appointment as CEO of Epic he has thought in his heart, “Why am I here... really here? I mean I know logistically how I got here... what circumstances happened to get me to this place... but really... why am I here?” His answer is revealed once John Branca asks him to take a look at the demos. After listening to them he now understands why he is here... why he is CEO of Epic... it’s to do this for Michael... bring him full circle at Sony... back to the top of the charts. Honored once again.

LA reveals that he did little research on the demos but went with what appealed to his heart. That was how he decided which ones to work on. He shared that it was only after he'd extensively worked on and recorded the mixes to the level of excellence he felt they deserved and played the songs at a listening party was he told by an MJ fan that the MJ fans had been listening to many of these leaked songs for years. At first he felt shocked and panicked a bit wondering what the response from fans would be... but then calmed down knowing he had done his best giving each one the justice Michael deserved.

He expressed what a privilege it was for each of the producers to finish what they started with Michael... a true labor of LOVE for each... a healing journey. LA decided early on that not just anyone would be working on this album... only those that knew what it was like to work with Michael. That they MUST approach this work with commitment to total excellence to honor MJ’s legacy.

He became very sincere as he looked at Branca and then back at us hesitating at first and then sharing, “I know this is NOT the place... really to bring up the media and all that they have spread...” as he slapped his leg and loudly exclaimed, “I just HAVE to say, MICHAEL WAS INNOCENT!!” Which brought a round of applause from the fans and others in the room as he was preaching to the choir. Then proceeded to tell us about his personal time with Michael and his children relaying one of the most beautiful memories for him with Michael was witnessing Michael’s loving fathering skills and hearing Michael and the children randomly singing a Disney song together as they interacted one night at home. As a father himself LA said there was no denying MJ’s love for his children. 

I’m very impressed with LA Reid as a person... he is humble, down to earth and very approachable with a great contagious smile. He shared about keeping an open mind while listening to the demos always keeping in mind he would not touch any demo that MJ had not brought to a level of excellence. Also how John Branca told him he’d over looked a song, ‘A Place With No Name.’ How he’d listened closely to this song again and realized John was correct. It was definitely a great song and needed to be on the album. I absolutely have to agree this song is one of my absolute favs on this album. I really thought I’d like the demos better than the mixed versions but I have to say I absolutely love everyone of these songs. Each tells a different story... each show cases Michael’s historic genius with a contemporized approach which truly compliments Michael completely. The younger of the audience, April, admitted she is hard to please with new songs and was ready to not like it. She simply beamed as she did not hesitate to share she loved everyone of the songs. I am so excited to know that there will be new generations of fans appreciating Michael Jackson's genius and music for generations to come. Another gentleman fan said he is very shy yet the music and Michael’s voice had him up out of his seat and moving to the music which he normally does not do, especially in public.

We decide to take a group picture and discuss the light and where to stand... Navi suggests the view with the sound booth in the background. LA Reid suggests farther out into the room where there is better light... and then I say, "Why don't we all stand where Michael stood?" LA turns to me and says, "Where is that?" I point, smile, saying, "Right here where he recorded, 'We Are The World'." He laughs and puts his hand on my shoulder and exclaims, "Well there is NO way I can fill Michael's shoes but let's all stand right here where Michael stood!" I respond with, "No way... No one ever will!" He gives me a knowing look, smile and nod. Then we line up on Michael's spot for our pic.

Karen shares with us a gem was found in Michael’s own notes as they discovered Michael's inspiration behind “Do You Know Where Your Children Are?” In the '60s through the '90s there was a TV campaign for child safety that would come on TV each evening asking parents everywhere this very question. Only Michael could take a TV safety campaign and turn it into genius, rhythmic music and song writing.  Soooo Michael... soooo freaking amazing! 

We leave the the Henson Studios on foot to walk to the Roosevelt Hotel a few city blocks away... allowing the MJ fans to experience the Hollywood walk of fame experience. They are thrilled and take many pictures of the stars on the sidewalk along the way. Once at the hotel we are escorted to a large table in the side grotto and dine on delicious and healthy appetizers, dinner and amazing gourmet desserts compliments of LA Reid and Epic Studios.

The Sony phoney stuff is still bothering me so I ask Jeff about it... he states that was all dealt with when Michael was still alive and Michael was happy to sign another contract with Sony/Epic in 2008. There is not one person remaining at Sony who was there during the Invincible debacle. I am grateful to hear this and I feel Michael would be happy to know that his focused efforts conquered the devilishness that once ran Sony. His fight not only had been won when he was here on this earth but now those at the helm of Sony have come full circle... the result? MJ is King!

We all seem overwhelming relieved and agree that this album is FANTASTIC. We are asked which song is our favorite. I find it hard to choose. There is one song that is good; however did not move me like the others. Yet as we talk and bounce around our reaction to the songs I find that many absolutely love the one I am not that moved by. Yet I know with Michael’s music I can’t wait for the chance to listen closer over and over again with the albums release on May 13th. Then I can allow Michael's music to sink into my blood... hear what maybe I was missing on that particular song and totally drink in all the others I love so much.  

This superbly mixed and engineered album for each of them especially LA Reid is a Labor of LOVE... spending endless hours, days and nights in the studio... striving for the perfection that they felt Michael was spurning them towards. Truly it shows in the end result... this album will be a huge HIT! It will be so wonderful to see Michael back up at the top of the charts where he so deservedly  belongs. 

We gather the next day and are taken by van to Sony Music studios for breakfast in a conference room. We are asked to candidly share our likes, dislikes and concerns. The Sony president, Sylvia Rhone, along with John Branca and Karen Langford and other executives from N.Y are present in person and by video conference. We bandy around our thoughts and impressions of the album... it is unanimous... we all LOVE the Xscape album and are very eager for it’s release! We are told there are more surprises tucked into the Deluxe version!

 Although we heard eight songs we are told there is still yet another song... a 9th which will be a total surprise to the entire world along with several other surprises in the Deluxe version, as well as, two videos of all the producers speaking about the heartfelt process of making this album and their journey with Michael in this process. 

The subject of Mr. Brainwash comes up and John shares that as he drives to work everyday there is a liquor store he passes. He must have driven by it literally 1,000s of times and never really noticed anything special about it but this one day he sees a painting of Marilyn Monroe in the window and thinks, “That is really different.” Each day after he continues to notice that painting... it seems to jump out at him. Then on a subsequent day he passes a billboard on the same route and there is the most interesting painting which he is very drawn to. Finally he stops at the liquor store to inquire who did the painting... he researches the billboard for the same answer and learns the same artist did them both... Mr. Brainwash. They contact Mr. Brainwash to come in for a meeting asking him to bring samples of his work. He begins to tell Mr. Branca that he is so thrilled because Michael Jackson was one of his first clients. John is totally taken aback... he asks him, “What? What do you mean Michael Jackson was one of your first customers?” Mr. Brainwash relays the story of Michael approaching him and buying many of his paintings. John shaking his head at what he has heard as he remembers and relays the story needed not to verbally complete the connection for me... as I sat there with 'Michael chills' all over my body. Clearly Michael was in charge of connecting Mr. Branca with Mr. Brainwash for the promo Xscape artwork... for me there are no coincidences. Once again Michael has reached out from the heavenly spheres to put his touch, his final nod, guidance on this... his own album. 

Epic and the MJ Estate are committed to reveal this album the way that Michael would want it done... with magic and surprise! 

So yes there will be more exciting Xscape surprises! Stay tuned!! There is more to come and I just truly feel we won't be disappointed.

*** THANK YOU to the MJ Online team Jeff, Alicia and Lindsey for all your hard work and your kindness and patience. Thank you to John Branca, John McClain and Karen Langford for your steadfast commitment to excellence in all you do for Michael’s legacy, memory and Estate. Thank you so much for caring what the MJ fans think, appreciating and listening to us and allowing us to have a say and input into Michael’s legacy.

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