Friday, July 16, 2010


A writing for Katherine Jackson as posted on
November 14, 2009
To Mrs. Katherine Jackson From Betty Byrnes
You were there….
When God filled Michael’s little body, as he kicked in your womb, did you feel him dancing?
You saw his first beautiful, radiant smile and sweet angelic laugh.
Your ears heard the first time his sweet crescendo rose, filling the house.
You witnessed his first dance steps as he grooved to the sound of the washing machine.
Did you marvel to see his first audience clap for him at the laundry mat as he danced and sang?
You woke him for late night TV shows and sat with him watching his idol James Brown.
You were with him and your hearts broke together as you both sat watching and crying for the dying children in Africa on TV, you were the one he turned to and promised “I will do something about that someday.”
Oh how he DID!
You carried his life within your heart and upon your shoulders as you walked along side him
through joyful times and oh so very difficult times.
You were his beacon in the night, his comfort, his shelter, his lifter of spirits, his rock.

A Mother’s love…
He loved you beyond measure…no others could come close to his esteem for you.
No other could ever hold a candle to the bright, shining love he carried in his heart for you.
He emulated your love for him as he reached out to heal the world with empathy and compassion.
God filled him with a tender, sensitive, sweet, caring, giving spirit.
God instilled the most intelligent, creative, genius and musicality.
Of all the women in the universe God chose you to teach him how to share it with the world.
Oh how you DID!

A Mother’s heart …
The world has lost the kindest, most loving man that has ever walked this planet as he emulated Jesus.
I wish I could say we valued him as you did while he was here.
I am so sorry for all he endured by those who could never understand what a precious gem he was.
Only a mother knows a son’s pain. I am so sorry for all you have endured.
No one will ever know what you feel. No words can describe a mother’s loss.
The world is left darker, more silent, and less joyful as his perfect pitch now entertains the heavens.
A love angel… yes, he truly was… but you have always known that.
You loved and shared him… he loved and changed the world…
He will forever be the fabric of love that governs my life… given by the Lord to bless.
I thank you Katherine, for sharing your beautiful, God gifted, seventh child, Michael.
Michael Joseph Jackson in life and in death has changed my life, and is still changing the world.
His love…the love you nurtured in him… lives on.
You are prayed for …
I just simply can’t imagine the loss and emptiness you must feel. We, his fans, all mourn;
but you… you truly knew him with a mother’s heart.
The missing him, the loss, the grief must be unfathomable.
I pray for you, your whole family and especially Michael’s children.
I pray for peace, comfort and sweet memories to fill the void, to fill your days, nights and dreams.
I pray his smell lingers and a sense of closeness be there for you,
and chimes of his sweet laughter fill your ears on the difficult days
as waves of grief and acceptance ebb and flow.
God bless you always. You are a wonderful woman, mother and grandmother,
for as Michael said “My mother is perfection”.

God Bless You and Yours Always,
Betty Byrnes
(California, USA)

Michael as an infant, musical notes, by MIMI LOLA


  1. Dear Dear Betty,

    This beautiful piece has swept me off my feet to a place of deep empathy once again for everything Katherine has endured as well as the immense loss of his perfect soul to this world!

    Thank you so much for sharing your heart, such loving words, with Katherine, and now with me and others here.

    This piece is... perfection!

    God Bless You,

  2. Betty - I'm speechless after reading this; I have no words except that what you write is so pure and beautiful and is what I try to achieve with art, but if I could paint a picture equally as magnificent as this, I would be Michaelangelo.
    Thank you for choosing my painting to accompany this beautiful piece :)
    Love, Mimi

  3. Betty - Your gift of words, as usual, has swept me away........ you have said it ALL, totally and completely. Thank You for sharing your beautiful thoughts and heart in this apt and beautiful piece. Mimi's beautiful artwork compliments it perfectly - her love for him shines through every one of her amazing paintings. God Bless You BOTH.