Thursday, September 12, 2013

♥ One Rose for Michael J. Jackson June 25, 2013 ♥

  Roses, roses, roses... 13,447 Red Freedom Roses of L.O.V.E. for MJJ on June 25th, 2013.

Work on the One Rose for Michael J. Jackson starts in March every year to assure that in June ♪ Everything is coming up roses ♪ for Michael J. Jackson at Holly Terrace, Forest Lawn, Glendale, California. Sadly this year some of those who worked so hard all year and who are normally present for the rose delivery could not be here. We were missing Robyn Starkand, Gi Leclerc and Nicky Rickard due to personal obligations and illness. Although our dear friends were missing there was a wonderful crew there to achieve the successful delivery of the roses for MJJ. We are all volunteers and pour our love, hard work and time into honoring Michael with roses each year. It is a group collaborative effort filled with LOVE and respect for our fallen King.

Again this year, 2013, Michael has shown himself there with us in the midst of the red rose LOVE. Seemingly saying one more time, "Be God's Glow!"

     There was no sun shining this day during delivery... This is NOT a reflection.

Red roses now hold such a special meaning for millions of MJ fans around the world. A very special representation of collective, global hearts of LOVE. There was something so unique and special about Michael Jackson and after four years of missing him MJ fans still have a deep desire to give back to him just a little of the giant L.O.V.E. he gave the world. Each year wishing he was still here so he could see how loved he was... and still is. We will never forget Michael J. Jackson and in June of every year it is our time to express that LOVE in thousands of Red Freedom Roses.

Again this year, the fourth year since MJ’s passing, fans globally shared in this wonderful tribute of LOVE for Michael Jackson. Love poured out for Michael via One Rose for Michael J. Jackson and we again were able to blanket Holly Terrace with red  rose LOVE for Michael. No, Michael, we will never forget you! This year the revamped One Rose for Michael J. Jackson group on Face Book and other MJ fans who joined in from around the globe surpassed last years amount. Sending 13,447 red roses for Michael.

The air was cool for a summer day in June when the truck arrived. It was slightly over cast which was a blessing for us and thankfully assured longer freshness for the roses. Dennis our regular delivery driver showed up with a big smile on his face. He and his wife are very honored to take part in the One Rose for MJJ tribute every year and look very forward to it. He is very proud to deliver Passion Growers boxed, bundled and palleted buckets of Red Freedom Roses of love every year. He always stays to see the final placement and take away the debris for a finished and polished set up.

Placing the first bucket of roses is normally Robyn Starkand's privilege and honor. So in that vane with her unable to make it to So. Cal. for the delivery this year both Rachael and myself placed it saying, "Here you are Robyn. This first bucket is for Michael and you!"

One by one the buckets are unpacked and the One Rose volunteer workers place them lovingly for our King at Holly Terrace. There is always a sense of such accomplishment when the task is complete. Hugs all around... lingering in the beauty... absorbing the LOVE. We go and check on the buckets, making sure each one is full of water, just in case some was accidentally spilled in transport. Forest Lawn garden workers have very kindly furnished a long hose for this purpose and it comes in very useful. We each sit back in private moments and just take in the beautiful red carpet for the King.

For those who take part from all over the world, this day, this gift for Michael is truly one time of the year where we can give luxurious beauty to Michael on a grand scale. To show both him and the world that our love for him is steadfast and we will never forget this beautiful human being who brought so much good and joy to the earth.

Crate by crate the fresh brilliant red roses, set in cool buckets of specially treated water are unloaded and unwrapped. The luxurious, healing scent and the brilliant sight are simply breathtaking. This year perhaps because of the slight overcast weather the red color was extremely brilliant. We were able to pack the roses tighter on the walls and patio and stairs giving the buckets of roses a beautiful red hedge look. All the buckets lined up like Michael's little soldiers of LOVE. 
Marcela asks, "How far apart should we place the buckets on the wall, Betty?" My immediate response with a smile, "Seven inches in!"  OF COURSE... we all start quietly singing a little Blood on the Dance Floor while we set up the roses.

Three roses for MJ3 for Michael
Seven roses for Elizabeth Taylor
Roses for Walt Disney
Buckets of roses for Babyland for MJ
From a distance Michael's Red Rose LOVE for the babies at Lullabyland shows clearly
Forest Lawn workers kindly deliver roses to the babies at Lullabyland for MJJ
Baby sculpture at the Lullabyland castle.
Roses delivered for Aids Project Los Angeles. One of MJ's favorite charities.
          This lady at SPAR Senior Center was so proud and happy to receive fresh roses.
She wanted to put down her cane, purse and sweater and pose.
Lovely lady at the Sr. Center so happy and thrilled with the roses.
Bingo had just finished and the roses were handed out.
Smiles all around while receiving MJ's red roses.
SPAR Senior Center Glendale again was so happy to receive Michael's roses for the Seniors.
This gentleman, a Veteran, is a huge MJ fan and was very excited and honored to
receive roses for the Women's Veteran Shelter
Volunteers help load roses for one of the three Meals on Wheels deliveries.
Meals On Wheels delivery man. Very happy to receive the MJJ roses for the
elderly and home bound who receive meals everyday.
LOVELY One Rose volunteers delivering buckets of roses to
Ronald McDonald House another of MJ's favorite charities
Buckets of roses delivered to Ronald McDonald House.

I am so honored to be apart of this beautiful event for Michael J. Jackson. Somehow I just know he is smiling down on us approving of our giving in his name to bless others. Not only were we able to give Michael 13,447 red roses but this year our giving grew as roses were matched by MJ fan groups and MJ Face Book pages. We gave more to the One Rose charities than ever before. It's a beautiful thing! Michael proclaimed, "What More Can I Give?" Well this year it was alot more... the LOVE just keeps growing.

The day after the anniversary we were also able to “Pay It Forward” like never before to bless others. Above are all the pictures of the many places roses were shared, delivered and blessed many, many people with smiles and LOVE in Michael's memory. There were people all over the Los Angeles area smiling as they looked at and held Michael's beautiful roses. Yet there were still many, many buckets of roses at Holly Terrace for Michael as well. Yes I do believe Michael was smiling down on us all this day. We LOVE YOU MICHAEL!!

                          ... and the LOVE grows and grows like ripples in the water.  ♥

We made sure to place the one rose for MJ which is traditionally
placed at the door now for 4 years.
We are finished with the delivery. A very emotional time to reflect.
We call Robyn and Sarrah who have worked
so hard on this event and can not be there in person.
They join in the group circle. Tears flow

Each year the red rose numbers grow... clearly the MJ fans want only the best and greatest for Michael.... as only the Best was good enough for him. What will it be next year for the 5th anniversary? Will there be 20,000 roses for MJJ? I surely don’t know... the numbers ever since his passing have been incredible. The roses so very beautiful and every year I am simply astounded and amazed at the amount of LOVE that pours out for Michael at Holly Terrace. What I do know is that no matter the number of roses, whether it be big or small, there is that 'One Rose for MJJ' from each individual person from around the world... and that special, single One Rose means all the LOVE in the world from just one fan for Michael J. Jackson. 

          ♥ We will always be missing you Michael. It’s All For LOVE... L.O.V.E.

For more pictures of the 'One Rose Delivery' and 'Pay It Forward' please go to these two Face Book links:
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  1. Chapeau my dear friend..this is wonderful.
    This was just an amazing experience for me, being a part of the team was one of the most healings emotions I have ever experienced in my life.
    We felt so blessed to be there. To do this for Michael and place every single rose with love. WE even treated every single petal with love.
    We knew every single rose represents all the love from fans around the globe.
    Thanks dear Betty for leading us. We were Michael's angels for a few days.
    And the love was overwhelming. This bond will last for ever.
    You have a gift with words Betty and I am so honored to be your friend and a part of this amazing project.
    Thanks to Sarrah and Robyn for all the effort and dedication thru the years. And of course the transparency and honesty.
    Pure love..
    We are One love, One Voice, One Rose for Michael...<3

  2. What a lovely labor of LOVE for Michael Jackson and for all who visit him and other loved ones at Forest Lawn. Each year this tribute grows more beautiful. I enjoy donating every year since I don't live in California any more. When I do make the trip, I try to visit Michael's resting place and leave flowers. There's always someone there sitting on the bench near the door, or evidence that others have been there and left messages and other tributes. Michael is certainly well loved and appreciated. Thank You All for your hard work and dedication.