Monday, July 4, 2011

Greed Destroys - LOVE SURVIVES Updated 3/7/12

Update Roses for MJJ - 3/7/12:

I want to update and clarify this year 2012 One Rose for Michael is NOT being facilitated by Sofie Stranberg or the original One Rose for Michael Face Book page. She has been reported for stealing the fan's money and the authorities are looking into it. I was going to delete this blog post but then thought, No, it needs to stay because people need to know what Sofie did to Michael, the children and the fan community at large. What she did is incomprehensible and should be shouted from the highest roof top for all to hear. 

Always be careful where and to who you donate your money. There should always be full accountability at all times for all money donated.
Please see my latest One Rose for Michael J. Jackson blog post (the link is above) for all the new exciting details about how to donate with complete confidence. Know that your money will indeed go directly to the Rose Grower this year with no fan middle person ever touching or seeing the money. All donations go directly to the provider of the roses, Passion Growers, and those roses will be delivered to Holly Terrace for Michael on June 24th the day before the June 25th anniversary. 

If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comment section below or you can go to the new One Rose for Michael J. Jackson Face Book page:

You can also access information about this year's 2012 One Rose for Michael J. Jackson at the new website:

Update 3/14/12 - UNICEF link:
** Also please see this additional link to UNICEF in conjunction with the new 2012 One Rose for Michael J. Jackson roses. If you would still like to donate to directly to UNICEF to help children around the world in Michael Jackson's name you may do so via this link.

Updated on Vaccines posted 7/4/2011:

It is with great sadness... 

That I remove / rewrite / update this post on my blog.

"Earth provides enough to satisfy every person's need,
but not every person's greed"

This post was made originally to support a cause "One Rose For Michael - Vaccinate the Children for Michael." I felt this was an amazingly awesome and worthy cause! Some thing so beautiful, something that fully honored Michael! Fans from all over the world donated to Sofie Stranberg from One Rose for Michael Face Book Page to raise money in Michael's name for UNICEF.  I gladly supported and donated personally and asked fans from all over the world via my blog to support this cause in honor of Michael Jackson's 53rd birthday, August 29, 2011.

Sofie Stranberg from One Rose for Michael told us she was collecting donations to vaccinate children against disease all over the world via UNICEF. We were asked to donate just $2 per vaccine per child. Fans everywhere sent in their money and now it is gone, Sofie is gone and the children who desperately needed these vaccines will not get them. Nothing has been given to UNICEF, not one cent! In fact UNICEF has never heard of Sofie Stranberg or One Rose For Michael or the cause we were supporting.

Sofie had told us that we had raised enough money to vaccinate 5353 children. We don't even know if that is true at this point. All the fans who joined in the effort know is at least $10,000 has vanished because of greed, lies and selfishness. The very thing that stalked Michael his entire life is still here dogging his legacy of LOVE. I am beyond disappointed and very angry. I am angry at myself because I rarely ever donate to MJ Fan causes. I generally donate directly to organizations and charities. That way I know my money is going exactly where I intend it to go and receipts are provided for record keeping.

I apologize to each and every person who read my blog and donated to this cause. We were all duped. We were all lied to. My prayer is that the authorities track down Sofie and get the money back and it will finally go to UNICEF and the children. However since she has not been heard from since Nov. 17th and no one has been able to find her, not online, nor by telegraph or phone, or at her home, the chances of that are very slim.

Again I apologize for ever having promoted this cause. We must not allow the greed and dishonesty of a few to discourage us from reaching out with out hearts and wallets to help the children and other worthy causes. Michael was relentlessly besieged by liars and greedy scam artists from all angles his entire life. He never let their evilness dampen his spirit of caring and LOVE for the needy and hurting. We must not let this dampen our spirit of caring, but just learn from this and move on. Be wise in our donations and efforts to help others.

If you still would like to donate and know without a doubt that what you donate will truly help the children here are two links that will take you directly to beautiful, well known and established,  trustworthy organizations: UNICEF and World Vision.

UNICEF - Home Page

World Vision - Adopt a Child Home Page

Beautiful Michael Singing "What More Can I Give?"

Excerpts: Heal The World by Michael Jackson:
" There's a place in your heart and I know that is love... 
It only cares for joyful giving... Feel God's Glow... 
If you care enough for the living... make a little space...make a better place 
for you and for me and the entire human race. 
In my heart I feel you are all my brothers...
There are people dying... if you care enough for the living... 
make a better place for you and for me."


  1. This is a wonderful group of Michael devotees. Thanks for speading the word Betty!

  2. Betty , I'm with you , of course ! I sent your message to a friend of mine who lives in Brazil and she's posting all over the Internet , in the Blogs in Portuguese , translated by Google. So , I hope the donations will add some good amount in name of our Angel . L.O.V.E. Nora.

  3. Thank you so much Nora! God bless you. It's All For LOVE...L.O.V.E. for the children! I can see Michael's smile :D

  4. Betty , I did a donation , twice , one for me and the other for DetJackson ( she doesn't have PayPal ) through PayPal ... DetJackson . also wrote a little message for Katherine and P/P/B. I verified today that the donation we did is still unclaimed , since the 07/25/11 . The only way I have to pay is by PayPal . I sent , as you requested , to the email Please , could you verify ? Thanks . Nora Moya .

  5. Hi , Betty , I sent a donation through Nora Moya's PayPal and I'd like to send a message to Kate and P/P/B . This is the message : ... " August 29th ... A Star is born , and becomes huge , still in His youth ! As an adult , He conquered the World ! With humbleness and LOVE he wrote His History ... GOD bless you , Katherine , Prince , Paris , and Blanket . The memories we bring in our hearts , will hold Him forever among us , His family and fans " DetJackson-Brazil

  6. I'm donating now Betty. MJ-Upbeat supports this cause! ;-)
    MJ-Upbeat (.com)

  7. It's all for the love we have for Michael,wonderful project.I've donated already. Want to thx Sofie n u all for the wonderful work 2 kip Michael's legacy alive.You have my full support 4 any future project.R.I.P MICHAEL,I LOVE N MISS U.

  8. Please send all messages to Sofie via One Rose For Michael FB page. Or add them to the note section in PayPal when you make your donation. Thank you all for supporting this awesome cause. I can see Michael smiling!

  9. Betty , PayPal sent me an email that the donations still without claim . They suggested that , when a payment isn't claimed , is maybe because the email was wrong . To be true , I thought strange that " .se " I never saw it before in any address . May you , please , confirm ? Maybe the site is : , instead of .se ?

  10. Nora that is the email address I use. I just checked my Paypal and it is a verified account and all my donations went through. Please try again.
    Just copy & paste this email address for payment.

  11. Nora,
    Please let me know if you are having trouble making your donation. The only other thing I can think of is to go through Sofie on Face Book at One Rose for Michael page. She may be able to help you.
    Thank you.
    LOVE & Blessings,

  12. Everyone please keep donating. The email address is working at just enter the email address for Sofie who runs the One Rose for Michael Face Book page:
    LOVE & blessings to you all,

  13. My donations are still in PayPal , as unclaimed ! And the address I sent is this one you put : Nora.

  14. Nora send a msg to Sofie. She posted that she was checking for your payments. :)

  15. Sofie Strandberg hasnot donated one cent to UNICEF. UNICEF have confirmed this. Over $10,000 was donated to a Paypal account set up by Sofie. Research has shown that thia isnot the first time that this individual has been responsible for misappropriation of finances. This situation is currently under investigation by Paypal and UNICEF.

  16. Yes sadly I have been made aware of this Anna. I don't ever support these type of things but the cause was so meaningful and it was such a great tribute to Michael for his birthday. It breaks my heart. I hope they find her and get the money so it can go to those children. I will be deleting this post soon but wanted to respond to your comment.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Thank you and no need to apologize. You were only following your heart, as was all of us who donated. For me too this was the first fan based online charity I've given to. Though I donate to ligit, well recognized orgs (UINCEF, USAID) when I can, the main reason I chose to give to 'Sopfie's' group was because when I got the invite to join the group I read up on it, liked it and wanted to be a part of something online giving in Michaels' name. So I eagerly donated, and was proud of the small part I could do. I thought how good of Sofie to take on the frustration, and devote the time that goes along with such a venture as ORFM. So that we fans could show our love for Michael, both in giving the roses to him, and helping children that so needed the help, as he did.
    Now we find out Sofie is a crooked con artist. Hurts. I'll still do as I've been doing, I'll keep on helping needy kids in Africa before I ever heard of Sofie Strandberg. Sofie took our money in the lowest scam. She won't take our loving, giving spirits.

  19. AMEN! tober. No she won't take our loving, giving spirits!