Wednesday, March 7, 2012

♥ One Rose for Michael J. Jackson 2012


*******The Rose account is now officially closed*******
Final Rose count is 10,477 ROSES
Michael was always about bigger and BEST!! He deserves nothing less! It's All For LOVE of MJ!!! ♥ MJ has the most loving and best fans EVER!!!

The One Rose fans will be meeting to give hugs and maybe even a group picture on June 25th at 1:30pm across from Holly Terrace.
It's All For LOVE... L.O.V.E. !!! 
UPDATE announcement on 6/9/2012:
"One Rose for Michael J. Jackson is pleased to announce that 50% of our roses after June 25th will be recycled to Sr. Centers and Homes and Shelters for the Needy. I think this is a wonderful way to spread the LOVE ♥♥♥" - Robyn Starkand
Original post:
This is VERY good news!! 
It is with great joy and happiness that I am able to publish this post. Thanks to loving, caring MJ fans who have worked diligently to turn around a very ugly, hurtful situation all MJ fans around the world will again shower Michael with LOVE in the form of a sea of red roses.
  Michael's fans will be able to continue our shower of red roses over Michael's resting place at Forest Lawn, Holly Terrace this year. Thrilling red roses everywhere for Michael Jackson at Holly Terrace to honor him on the anniversary of his death, June 25th, 2012.
  Thanks to Robyn and Sarrah for all their incredible, hard work in making it possible to continue to show our LOVE to Michael this way on his anniversary.
♥  This will be a beautiful statement of LOVE to the world that Michael will ALWAYS be LOVED beyond measure and will ALWAYS be in our hearts, NEVER forgotten. 
♥  The sheer joy that I am feeling today is beyond words. We can officially put the terrible experience associated with the original One Rose for Michael Face Book page and the UNICEF Vaccines for children behind us. The original founder of One Rose for Michael, Sofie Stranberg, has been reported to the authorities for stealing the MJ fan's money which was donated for the UNICEF children. We are putting this behind us and moving on to bring honor and LOVE to Michael Jackson as only MJ fans can. 
♥  Robyn who facilitated the delivery of the roses at Forest Lawn every year since its inception has taken the lead along with Sarrah another loving, caring MJ fan to make sure that this beautiful tribute for Michael which expresses the LOVE and hearts of MJ fans around the world will continue this year with confidence and trust.  
We have risen above! LOVE wins! 

  MJ fans can now donate with confidence as a DIRECT paypal account has been set up by One Rose for Michael J. Jackson and Passion Growers to purchase your roses for this years June 25th anniversary: 
Go to PayPal - send your payment to this email address:
 A new Face Book page One Rose for Michael J. Jackson has been set up:
There is also a new blog / website: 
♥ Fans will also have access to the website where after donating you can leave a message for Michael and receive a badge like the one above with your name on it for your Face Book page or personal files. 
♥ Breakdown of cost for the $3.00 rose:
PLEASE NOTE: The $3.00 price, which was originally
established at the conception of this event in 2010, covers the cost per rose ..PLUS other costs... exchange rate fees for converting into US dollars, Paypal fees % and transaction fee, trucking costs and taxes on total amount of order... ALL MONEY that is left has been put into ROSES so we have been getting MORE roses from the balance of the money.
This company is so much what Michael was about. They continually reach out and give back to the community helping the sick children and those in need. They have worked with Robyn Starkand and gone above and beyond to make this project possible for MJ fans around the world to show their LOVE or Michael on the 3rd anniversary of his death.

Please go to this website to see the efforts of LOVE and healing they share with the community at large throughout the year:
♥There is also a new One Rose for Michel J. Jackson Tumblr page (please copy and paste into your address bar):

One Rose for Michael J. Jackson Face Book Badge:
 ♥ Below you can read the announcement by Robyn Starkand on March 7, 2012:
June 25th Roses of Love
One Rose for Michael J. Jackson is pleased to announce the opening of the roses for June 25th.This has been the beautiful centerpiece at Forest Lawn from the very first year 2010 and has grown into a sea of red roses, lining the pathway to Holly Terrace. Each rose represents one person,showing their love... roses sent from all over the world honoring Michael & thanking him for all the treasures he created. He is truly missed everyday, but we all carry him in our hearts always.
Let's show him our love and thanks this day with 1 rose ... It's all for LOVE ♥

Passion Growers roses, for the 3rd year, are proud to be part of honoring Michael on June 25th ♥

A direct paypal account has been set up by One Rose for Michael J. Jackson & Passion Growers to purchase your roses for this years June 25th anniversary:
$3.00 per long stem Freedom Red Rose ♥

One Rose memorial page send your message after your rose purchase

*Some people might say why not donate this money to a charity, however I know all of us have done our part throughout the year so this day is the one day we can give our love back to Michael and show him our love.

**about Passion growers: Now in its 10th year, Passion Growers is a family-oriented company dedicated to growing and providing the most beautiful and highest-quality roses. Passion Growers' has 200+ varieties of roses . Recently, Passion Growers was selected by the Rose Bowl and the Tournament of Roses to become the Rose Bowl's Official Rose of the Rose Bowl, the Official Rose of the Rose Bowl Game, and the Official Rose of Rose Bowl Stadium. Passion Growers was also named as the Official Rose of the 2011 Miss America Pageant.
Directions to make your donation:
1. Go to

2. Log into your account.

3. Click on 'Send Money'

4. In the box that says 'To (email or mobile phone) enter:

5. In the box marked 'Amount' enter the total amount in USD you are sending. Each long stem freedom rose is $3.00. To calculate the total amount of money needed to purchase your roses, multiply the number of roses you'd like to purchase by 3. You may also refer to the chart below:

6. Select 'This is a purchase' and click on 'goods'!

Once you've purchased your rose(s), you may email One Rose for Michael J. Jackson to submit your message for Michael on our memorial page.


Once you've submitted your message via email we will post it for you to the memorial page, but give us at least 24 hours for it to appear on the memorial site. We will email you to notify you when your message has been posted, provide a link to your message and send you your personalized rose badge as well! All messages will be posted to:
Beautiful video Robyn!  ♥ Thank you for all your hard work!

*credit for photos to Robyn Starkand and Brenda Jenkyns

**Also if you would like to donate to UNICEF to help children all over the world in Michael J. Jackson's name you may do so via this direct link to UNICEF. All donations go directly to UNICEF in Michael's name for the children.  (This link to UNICEF in no way has anything to do with last years donations, the old One Rose for Michael Face Book page or Sofie Stranberg.)

Thank you for the Spanish translation Veronica:

'It's all for L.O.V.E.'

♥ Una rosa para Michael J. Jackson, 2012

Robyn Starkand el 7 de marzo de 2012:
25 de junio Rosas de Yolanda Jacksonna rosa para Michael J. Jackson, se complace en anunciar la apertura de las rosas de junio 25.Esta fué la hermosa pieza central en el Forest Lawn en el primer año 2010 se convertió en un mar de rosas rojas, que recubre la vía a Holly Terraza. Cada rosa representa a una persona, mostrando su amor…Rosas enviadas desde todo el mundo en honor de Michael, dándole las gracias por todos los tesoros que él creó. El realmente, nos hace falta todos los días, pero todos lo llevamos en nuestros corazones siempre.
Vamos a mostrar nuestro amor y agradecimiento en este día con una rosa ... Es todo por amor ♥
El grupo Passion Growers Roses, está orgulloso de ser parte de honrar a Michael el 25 de junio, por el tercer año ♥
Se ha creado una cuenta directa PayPal por el grupo ‘Una rosa para Michael J. Jackson’ y el grupo ‘Passion Growers Roses’ para comprar sus rosas para este aniversario del 25 de junio:
La página Web es:
El costo es:
$3.00 por cada Freedom Red Rose♥ de tallo largo
La página One Rose Memorial te enviará un mensaje después de comprar tu rosa

Algunas personas podrían decir por qué no donar este dinero a una organización benéfica, sin embargo sé que todos nosotros hemos hecho nuestra parte durante todo el año, por lo tanto día de hoy es el día en que podemos devolverle su amor a Michael y darle una muestra el amor.
Acerca del grupo ‘Passion Growers Roses’: Ahora en su décimo año, ‘Passion Growers Roses’ es una empresa orientada a la familia dedicada al cultivo y la disponibilidad para las rosas más bellas y de mayor calidad. "Cuenta con 200 variedades de rosas. Más recientemente, Productores de la Pasión fue seleccionado por el Rose Bowl y el Torneo de las Rosas para convertirse en la rosa oficial en el el Rose Bowl; Este grupo también fue nombrado como el Diario Oficial de la Rosa del concurso Miss América 2011.
Instrucciones para hacer su donación:
1. Ir a
2. Acceda a su cuenta.
3. Haga clic en 'Enviar dinero'
4. En el cuadro que dice "Para (correo electrónico o teléfono móvil) ingrese:
5. En la casilla "Cantidad" entrar en el monto total en dólares que está enviando. Cada rosa de tallo largo cuesta $ 3.00. Para calcular la cantidad total de dinero necesario para comprar sus rosas, multiplique el número de rosas que le gustaría comprar por 3.
6. Seleccione "This is a purchase" y haga clic en 'goods'!

Una vez que hayas comprado tu rosa (s), puedes enviar un email de rosas para Michael J. Jackson para enviar tu mensaje para Michael en nuestra página memorial.
Correo electrónico:

Una vez que haya enviado su mensaje por correo electrónico, la publicaremos en la página de memoria, pero nos dan al menos 24 horas para que aparezca en el sitio conmemorativo. Nosotros te enviaremos un correo electrónico para que te avise cuando tu mensaje haya sido publicado; proporciona un vínculo a tu mensaje y te enviaremos tu tarjeta de identificación personalizada también! Todos los mensajes serán publicados en:

Thank you for the French translation Lid Lilly:
L'évènement One Rose for Michael J. Jackson 2012 est officiellement ouvert aux dons.
En dessous vous pouvez lire l'annonce de Robyn Starkand du 7 Mars 2012
Les roses de l'amour le 25 Juin
One Rose for Michael J. Jackson est heureux de vous annoncer l'ouverture de l'évènement "les roses pour le 25 Juin". Cela a été la plus belle pièce maitresse à Forest Lawn lors de la première édition en 2010 et cela s'est transformé en une mer de roses rouges recouvrant l'allée vers Holly Terrace en 2011. Chaque rose représente une personne, montrant son amour.. les roses envoyées du monde entier honorant Michael et le remerciant pour tous les trésors qu'il a créés. Il nous manque chaque jour mais nous le portons dans nos cœurs pour toujours.
Montrons lui notre amour et remercions ce jour avec une rose .. It's all for LOVE
Pour la 3ème année , la société Passion Growers roses est fière de participer et d' honorer Michael le 25 juin.
Un compte paypal spécial a été créé par One Rose for Michael J. Jackson & Passion Growers pour acheter vos roses pour l'anniversaire du 25 juin de cette année :
3$ par rose rouge Freedom à longue tige
La page du mémorial One Rose enverra votre message après l'achat de la rose sur ce site :
*Certaines personnes pourraient dire pourquoi ne pas donner cet argent à une œuvre de charité ; cependant je sais que chacun de nous a déjà donné cette année aussi ce jour est le seul jour ou nous pouvons rendre et montrer notre amour à Michael.
** à propos de Passion Growers : Aujourd'hui dans sa dixième année d'existence, Passion Growers est une société familiale qui cultive et fournit les plus belles roses de très grande qualité. Passion Growers possède 200 variétés de roses . Récemment Passion Growers a été sélectionnée pour être le fournisseur officiel du Rose Bowl, du Rose Bowl Game et du stade Rose Bowl .Passion Growers était également le sponsor officiel de Miss America 2011, Miss Pageant
Pour faire un don :
1 Allez sur
2 Connectez vous à votre compte
3 Cliquez sur "Envoyer de l'argent"
4 Dans l'onglet "email ou téléphone portable" , entrez cette adresse :
5.Dans l'onglet "montant "entrez le montant total en $ que vous envoyez. Chaque rose Freedom à longue tige est à 3 $ . Pour calculer le montant total nécessaire pour acheter vos roses, multipliez le nombre de roses que vous souhaitez acheter par 3.
6. Sélectionnez "c'est un achat "et cliquez sur marchandises
Une fois que vous aurez acheter votre ou vos roses , vous devrez envoyer un email à One Rose for Michael J. Jackson pour soumettre votre message pour Michael pour la page du mémorial Email:
Une fois que vous aurez soumis votre message par email , nous le posterons pour vous sur la page du mémorial mais donnez nous au moins 24 heures avant qu'il apparaisse sur le site du mémorial. Nous vous enverrons un email pour vous notifier que votre message a été posté , vous fournirons un lien vers votre message et vous enverrons un badge Rose personnalisé aussi Tous les messages seront postés ici :


  1. Thanks Betty. Can I translate this to Spanish and post in the MJ Venezuelan fans page? I am sure they will love and participate on this wonderful red wave of L.O.V.E. to our angel.
    Love you,

    1. Yes please translate and share in Venezuela. I LOVE it. Thank you Veronica!
      LOVE & blessings,

  2. I hope you get as much publicity for this event as possible. It is just amazing. How many roses did you deliver to Forrest Lawn last year?

    Hugs to you and I hope it will at some point reach 1 million because there are even much more fans around the world.

    God bless.

    1. Hello Tine,
      There were 4500 red roses delivered to Holly Terrace for Michael last year in 2011. We hope to top that this year. Thank you for supporting this event to honor Michael. Please share this where ever possible.
      LOVE & blessings,

    2. Betty the wonderful..... You AMAZE ME! My tireless princess... all for the love of Michael....thank you for making all of MJ's fans soooo happy.... Michael is smiling down on you....It has been said: "That Angels Walk the Earth"... You must be one of them...!

  3. This is such a beautiful way to show our love, and appreciation for him. No one deserves it more. <3

  4. Un fiore per Michael
    Vorrei dedicarti un fiore Michael però mi trovo nell'imbarazzo della scelta, per te sceglierei una calla bianca che sta' a indicare la tua purezza d'animo, un girasole per far esaltare la tua solarità, la rosa rossa per la passione e l'amore che metti in tutte le cose che fai, una margherita, un fiore molto semplice com'eri tu, una persona semplice nonostante la popolarità. Forse ne ho trovato uno multicolore che racchiude 5 semplici parole ed è il:NON TI SCORDAR DI ME. Grazie Michael per le emozioni che mi hai regalato in tutta la tua carriera artistica sia come uomo che come star. Avrei tanto desiderato portarti un fiore sulla tua tomba, purtroppo la lontananza è tanta, ma il mio cuore è la con te

    inserito da Anna Maria Arsie in data 2012-04-08 23:27:19

  5. Hi,

    Just wanted to get an update on how many roses were ordered so far for Michael Jackson?


  6. 2516 Roses so far - Saturday-5/5/2012 3:18:02- P.M - LA Time ♥♥♥ It's all for L♥VE... L.O.V.E. ♥

  7. ‎2839 Roses as of Monday--5/7/2012- 7:28:12- P.M - LA Time♥♥♥ Almost to 3000 everyone... don't forget to buy your roses!

    1. Thank you so much for the update. I pray the amount of roses exceed last year for Michael is truly deserving & should be honored for his accomplishments.

      Thank you so much for your time and effort . . . Very much appreciated.

    2. Your welcome KC. I will continue to update the number of roses the MJ fans buy until the deadline June 17th.

  8. 4037 ROSES as of Thursday-5/17/2012 3:15:04 P.M. - LA Time♥ Whooooo Hooooo we are on a roll to 5000 beautiful roses for MJ ♥ As MJ said... his fans are the best ♥

    1. WOW!!I have seen the magical gorgeous Red Roses last year at Forest Lawn I was blown away♥♥♥This is the most beautiful way to show our Gratitude and LOVE for MICHAEL who gave so much to this world! Keep it Up! L.O.V.E. from Germany, Mariheart

  9. 4239 as of Sunday-5/20/2012 10:42:09 A.M. LA Time
    it's all for LOVE♥
    We are definitely on our way to 5000 this year for Michael. As MJ said he has the best fans!

  10. ‎4868 Roses as of Tuesday -5/22/2012 3:54:15 P.M- LA Time ♥
    Only a breath away from 5000 Roses on June 25th ♥
    It's all for LOVE ♥

    1. Geez Im very happy to be a part of it! My Mj friends contribtued to this as well! Yes..just a breath away to reach the Goal! Michael is smiling from heaven♥♥♥L.O.v.E.

  11. 5004 Roses as of Wednesday-5/23/2012- 9:06:27 P.M- LA Time♥ Michael's soldiers of LOVE did it!!! Above and beyond!!! ♥♥♥
    It's all for LOVE

  12. 5160 Roses as of Friday-5/25/2012 -9:26:56 P.M- LA Time
    It's all for LOVE ♥

  13. ♥♥♥ 5352 Roses---it's all for LOVE...5/31/2012..

  14. We are moving on to 6000 roses for Michael!
    5716 Roses on Friday-6/1/2012- 8:53:22 A.M.- LA Time
    It's all for LOVE ♥
    ***Very last day to buy roses is June 17th***

  15. ‎*** 5845 of Friday-6/1/2012 - 5:48:08 P.M. LA Time
    It's all for LOVE ♥
    Michael's fans ROCK!!!!!!!! Woohooo...6000 here we come ♥

  16. ‎*** 5907 of Saturday-6/2/2012- 10:21:50 A.M- LA Time
    It's all for LOVE.. Last day for purchase is June 17th
    AMAZING!!!!! Thank you all for showing the love ♥

  17. ‎*******ROSE UPDATE*****
    6204 ROSES as of Sunday -6/3/2012 -4:47:41 P.M.-LA Time
    Its all for LOVE ♥ Going for 7777 roses We Can DO IT!! ♥
    Very LAST DAY to Purchase Roses is June 17th ♥

  18. Hi,

    We published about this page on LMJ:

    1. Thank you so much Wesley. Great post for One Rose for MJJ. <3 Very helpful <3
      1 Voice = 1 Rose = 1 Heart = 1 LOVE for MJJ

  19. Only 1573 left to go . . . . . . .

  20. 6532 Roses as of Tuesday-6/5/2012- 6:13:34 A.M.- LA Time
    ***June 17th is the last day to buy a Rose***

    1. I just sent my roses. I am overwhelmed by this outpouring of love for Michael and overcome with tears watching the videos. This year my friend and I are driving from Santa Fe to be at Forest Lawn. Something in my heart tells me I have to be there for him. Thank you so much for doing this for our angel. I'm saying prayers we make it to 7777.

  21. 6634 ROSES as of Thursday- 6/7/2012- 8:16:19 A.M-LA Time
    It's all for LOVE♥
    Last day to buy Roses is JUNE 17th. Show your love on June 25th ♥

  22. ‎6899 ROSES as of Friday- 6/8/2012- 12:55:08 P.M.- LA Time
    Amazing...the showing of LOVE almost to 7000 roses!
    ♥ Don't wait til the last day to buy your rose! June 17th is the last day to purchase your roses♥

  23. 7158 ROSE as of Saturday-6/9/2012- 11:11:59 A.M- LA Time
    IT's ALL for LOVE...always was always will be ♥♥♥
    Thank you all for your love & support...LYM

  24. LOVE WINS!! 7512 ROSES as Of Monday-6/11/2012 -10:38:34 A.M- LA Time. Its all for LOVE ♥♥♥

  25. ♥ 7830 Roses as of Tuesday-6/12/2012-3:14:28 P.M-LA Time ♥ Our LOVE is to the heavens for you Michael ♥ we blasted through 7,777 and are on our way to 8,777... our LOVE for Michael Jackson is supersonic <3

  26. 4 more days to go . . . . let's get to 10,000 red roses for Michael.

  27. 8008 ROSES as of Wednesday-6/13/2012- 3:53:21 P.M.- LA Time♥
    We love you Michael and you are forever in our hearts
    Its all for LOVE♥

  28. 8493 ROSES as of Friday-6/15/2012- 4:45:10 P.M.- LA Time
    The sea of red roses will blanket him with our love♥
    Last day to purchase roses is this Sunday June 17th

  29. Michael, happy father's day! Maybe you are not in this world phisically but you are not dead, because you are everywhere. For example, your Pepsi billboards were everywhere in Istanbul today. I saw your painting in a funfair, again today. These were just examples of today. I've been to Italy and Austria, too. You are in every country.

    1. LOVE lives forever <3 MJ is every where. We will never forget him.

  30. LONG LIVE THE KING!!!! We love you Michael. I will never forget you. I will always love you and continue to support you and your family you are dearly remembered.

    1. Amen Alison. LOVE LIVES FOREVER and Michael gave soooo much LOVE <3

  31. **************UPDATE***************
    10,240 ROSES: 6/17/2012- 8:04:03 P.M. LA Time
    4 hours left ♥

  32. Oh my gosh, just amazing that 10,000 roses was exceeded. Just goes to show power in numbers & Michael was so loved by the world. Just beautiful . . .and Michael is so deserving. We love & miss you Mike.

    To MJ Bliss & all the people who contributed time and effort to this wonderful cause - Thank You.

    1. Your very welcome! It is a labor of LOVE for us all.
      Preliminary final ROSE COUNT*******
      10,471ROSES as of Tuesday-6/19/2012- 2:07:58 P.M- LA Time
      I will confirm this amount later today

  33. Hi MJ Bliss,

    Just wondering what was the final count on the roses?


  34. Preliminary final ROSE COUNT*******
    10,471ROSES as of Tuesday-6/19/2012- 2:07:58 P.M- LA Time
    I will confirm this amount later today

  35. *******The Rose account is now officially closed*******
    Final Rose count is 10,477 ROSES
    It's all for LOVE♥