Friday, April 22, 2016

♥ RIP Prince ♥ The Purple One

♥ Prince Rogers Nelson RIP
June 7, 1958 - April 21, 2016

When The Doves Cry in heaven... they will be crying Purple Rain.


  To be honest I was not really a Prince fan... not like Michael. There is no comparing Michael Jackson or Prince... they were different... one the 'good boy' image one the 'bad boy' image... much like the Beatles and Rolling Stones were in the 60s and 70s. However according to stories from those who knew Michael Jackson... they there were good friends. You could see in their artistry the similarities, the competitiveness, the admiration for one another and the commitment to create outside the box. Well... truly there was NO box for either of them... but then that's how it is with genius minds. If socially acceptable creative rules said 'don't' they pretty much 'did'... just each in their own way... differently.

It's eerie and telling to me that they both were born in the same year, both died two months before their next earth birthdays and both died on a Thursday. Also they both held the number 7 as a favorite. They both embraced and loved living a mysterious and reclusive life style. And no matter the public image or media spin they were both kind, both gentlemen and both humanitarians.

Honestly... I didn't really like all of Prince's music like I do MJ's... but some songs were the bomb... Purple Rain and Little Red Corvette, Sometimes It Snows In April are my favs. What I really loved was Prince's genius, artistry and sense of style. He was unique. His concerts were amazing... and I'm so very happy I made the decision in 2011 to attend 2 of his concerts during his '21 Nite Stand' residency, on his 'Returning 2 America Tour', at what was then the original Forum. The same original Forum where Jackson 5 performed in 1972. In fact I "had" to go to his concert... no way was I going to live as I did when MJ died thinking yet again... if only I'd gone to one of his concerts when he was in L.A. The world knows NO ONE could put on a show like Michael did... the spectacle, the energy, the magnitude... his shows were unearthly, especially when he went out on his own. Not even Prince, especially at the old Forum, could reach that level but from what I saw he must surely have been a damn close second with musicality, artistry, energy and showmanship. Prince even played an 'Off The Wall - Don't Stop Til You Get Enough' tribute for his friend Michael at these concerts. Although I share here his concerts were absolutely amazing... for me they reaffirmed the regret of what I'd missed... the echoing 'if only' I'd been able to experience one of Michael's concerts in person... 'Oh what would it have been like?'

What was so different about Prince for these concerts was unlike most other artists of today...  ruled by money... he lowered his prices on these concerts so that just about anyone could afford to go. Lowered them to the nostalgic 1970's prices of $25 a seat which ironically in the 70s was way to expensive for me.  Back then my day to day life was all about surviving and making sure the children were fed, clothed and the bills were paid. Just survival... making it through each day.... so I rarely ever went to a concert... unless on a date. Although the $25 seats were also great,
in the mid range viewing area, and one night I did take advantage of them... on the first night I attended I opted for the more expensive seats closer to the stage in the right loge area. Awesome seats!!!

Many celebrities, entertainers and just some media famous all came out to see Prince in concert and were always seated on the floor directly in front of the right stage where stairs gave them access to the stage. Many on the floor were also MJ fans and Balmain jackets (replicas of MJ's) and military jackets were seen everywhere... intermingled with purple clothes of all types. Each night he called many of the celebs on stage to dance with him during the OTW tribute. Prince over the years has sung many of MJ's songs: Don't Stop Til You Get Enough,
Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground), Dancing Machine, The Way You Make Me Feel and I Want You Back; however this night his tribute to Michael was OTW's DSTYGE and this particular night Rebbie Jackson danced on stage. Also Austin Brown and her other children attended along with many other celebs over the span of residency concerts he held at the Forum. To name only a few Nicole Scherzinger, Christina Millian, Marc Anthony, Gwen Stefani and one night he called Kim Kardashian on stage where she just stood in her red carpet pose... he told her to dance... she started to... errr 'dance' shaking her booty out of time to the music and he laughed and told her, "Get off the stage."... which I found hilarious.

Prince concert at the original Forum 2011
Prince kicks Kim K off the stage

Prince showed time and again he understood and cared about his fans in a way that is almost unheard of today. He came out onto the Colosseum floor after the concert and rode a bike around in circles one night just to hang with fans and staff workers still milling about. Some nights he'd do 2 to 4 encores for the fans. One of the night's I attended he came back out on stage and kept playing to late minglers. Many had left but a spattering of fans had stayed in their seats waiting for the main rush of the crowd to leave... with whispers to "stay in your seats he may come back out and do an encore". Then to our utter amazement and absolute joy he did!! He reappeared with his full band and played another short set for us. The entire stage was his 'symbol' lit mostly in shades of purple throughout the show. His band was in the middle of the top, circular section where he also would walk down stairs to an open elevator platform and disappear or reappear. That is where he reappeared for us... then walked right over to us on the right side of the cross section very close to where we were originally seated. We were then able to move down close into the abandoned front row seats... right in front of him... up close and personal. He smiled and joked and laughed and jammed with us. I wish I could remember what he said... but I was so gob smacked and dumb founded I couldn't remember it even on that night as we finally left. It was absolutely amazing, intense and euphoric. I'll never forget it.... he took us to music church... he was one with his guitar, made it sing and make sounds most guitars do not make... his voice... his style... his movement (OMG could he move)... there is nothing to explain seeing him jam full out right in front of your eyes. He was the ultimate showman!  

Great recap by a Prince fan of the 21 Nite Stand

Prince reminded us always that everyone is just doing the best we can to make it through this life.... so have compassion for one another. Thinking of hearing him say this at the concert and then seeing it online the day he passed from this earth...  the tears flow. Prince, seems you just couldn't make it through one more day... Rest in Peace sweet soul.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here this day to get through this thing called life." ~ Prince

I've heard personal stories from those who knew Michael. I'm not at liberty to share names; however they shared Michael loved his friend, Prince. Michael and Prince kept in touch by phone all the time and Michael sent him giant baskets full of videos, music, candy and pop corn. Just thoughtful gifts from one friend to another enjoying like minded interests. 

Not the canary yellow suit but the yellow and his jaunty step
reminded me so much
of the story shared by the Slamdunk Sisters

I've been thinking alot about one such story the 'Slamdunk Sisters' (MJ's personal chefs) shared about Prince coming to visit Michael at Neverland. Here is what I wrote about that portion of Brad Sundberg's seminar in 2014:

-  MJ’s personal chefs were also on hand with MJ’s fav food for us to indulge in. I especially enjoyed the enchiladas, pop corn and Hot Banana Pudding. Two ladies, The Slam Dunk Sisters, as MJ dubbed them, shared stories about cooking for MJ and time with him. Michael flew them all over the world when he craved their cooking. One story in particular about a time they were summoned to cook MJ’s favorite dinner ‘cheese enchiladas’ at Neverland for a visitor. How MJ leaned over the upstairs banister and yelled to them there would be someone knocking on the door soon and that he wanted them both to answer it and he’d be down in a while. Soon there was the knock so they went to the door and opened it and there stood PRINCE. Yes! That Prince... Purple Rain Prince... all decked out top to bottom in a canary yellow suit with white platform shoes and a top hat with a large white plum out the side. He stood there meekly holding a little gift box for Michael. They were totally at a loss for words and just stood back against the wall as he walked in the front door past them... speechless... their mouths hanging open. MJ took a while to make his entrance then suddenly appeared at the top of the stairs, glittering and dressed to the nines... for an outfit showdown. There he stood saying nothing just looking directly at Prince. Prince took a stance like 'Check me out!' and MJ responded with his pose... giving each other the showdown glare with each striking pose. This went on for sometime as they showed their awesome stuff off. Then they broke into laughter and started giggling, slapping each other on the back and telling each other how great they looked. They settled in for a long night of friendship, dinner and movies... just hanging out and being themselves. 

Original Michael's Heart article with the Slamdunk Sisters story

Unreal, unbelievable Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show

Only Prince could perform in the rain just as if it was planned that way... and give the performance which landed him in one of the best Super Bowl performances of all time... right up there with his friend, MJ.

"Yes, it's raining"...
"Can you make it rain harder?"


[excerpt] President Barack Obama, for whom Prince was a White House guest last year, said he and his wife "joined millions of fans from around the world" in mourning Prince's sudden death.

"Few artists have influenced the sound and trajectory of popular music more distinctly, or touched quite so many people with their talent," Obama said in a statement. " 'A strong spirit transcends rules,' Prince once said — and nobody's spirit was stronger, bolder, or more creative."

Prince you will be forever missed... you left an indelible mark on this world in your mysterious, wild, crazy, bad-ass... yet kind and gentle way.  Please say hello and give our L.O.V.E. to Michael from us all. Thank you for all you gave this world. 

Nate Giorgio tribute to Prince 2016

The absolutely most amazing performance of Purple Rain in concert... the first full performance Prince ever did... and the Purple Rain album recording was made from this live performance.    ENJOY!


  1. That was wonderful, Jody!!! Thank you so much! I always figured the "tension" between Michael and Prince was more media hype than anything else, so it was wonderful to read the story of Prince at Neverland. <3

    1. Thank you Silvily... but this is Betty... not Jody. Yes media hype... they had a friendly rivalry. Michael loved that.

    2. I enjoyed reading this lovely story. Thank you. The day that Prince passed was hauntingly similar to the day of Michael's passing in that here in Pennsylvania both days were warm, sunny, and seemingly care free. Both days I happened to be home and I took a break from working outside and while briefly inside I saw the breaking news headlines. First came the breaking headline around 2:00 p.m. eastern time that Michael was taken to the hospital, and his death was announced 4 hours later. Sadly the breaking news of Prince's death also came around 2:00 p.m. eastern time. Both times I felt like the earth stopped rotating and it just couldn't be true. I know that Michael and Prince were other-worldly, massively talented, extremely financially wealthy yet so humble and modest and secretive at times about their giving. How many lives they helped can't ever actually be tabulated. The two men were beloved and known by their first names only on every continent, and though most fans have never met either man they will always be as endearing to us as a childhood friend who we lost touch with for a while but then we reconnected and this cycle of separation would be temporary without any worries from us because they would always be here walking among us, that is until now. As the days passed when Michael left the earth I felt shock then sadness for days, weeks, months and years and so it begins with Prince leaving the earth physically, there will never be another Prince or Michael Jackson and as time passes I feel the magnitude of the loss.