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A Mother's LOVE - Mrs. Katherine Jackson

It wasn't too long after Michael died as fans were collectively grieving around the world and connecting in a way never before seen on this planet via the internet, sharing their grief and broken hearts over loosing Michael that my dear friend, Bonnie Lamrock, from MJ-Upbeat asked the MJ fans who visit her beautiful website to share notes, letters, poems or writings expressing their hearts for Mrs. Jackson. MJ-Upbeat was my lifeline in a sea of grief and I felt so honored when Bonnie posted my writing next to so many other fan's contributions for Mrs. Jackson. All the writings were then lovingly put into a book by an MJ-Upbeat MJ fan, Sheril, for Mrs Jackson which I was then honored to deliver to Hayvenhurst on behalf of MJ-Upbeat, Bonnie and the fans. 

When Bonnie first asked for contributions for Mrs. Jackson's book I remember thinking there was just simply no way to put into words how I felt at the time knowing her heart was so shattered. What do you possibly say to someone who has lost their child especially the mother of Michael Jackson? I simply had no words, every time I sat down to write the words just seemed to get stuck in the caverns of my own broken heart. Then I went to church, prayed about what to write and felt the Lord tell me, "Just write what's in your heart... set your pain aside and write from your heart." Then the words came pouring out. I am not a poet... never have been. That is not how words come to me. God gave me the words that day and I feel the very same today. I felt my writing was so inadequate for what I really wanted to express especially next to so many who write so wonderfully, but sent them to Bonnie anyway. I was absolutely amazed when a lady at work told me she had Googled me and found my note to Katherine. Then even more shocked when she said she had read my contribution to Katherine and it made her cry. She is not an MJ fan so it was even more poignant for me. I felt blessed that I was able to share with someone in the world the LOVE I feel for Michael and the gratitude and respect I feel toward Mrs. Jackson.

Now again over two years later there seems to be a shameful, unbelievable attack of disrespect from some misguided MJ fans towards Michael's mother, Katherine Jackson. So I deeply feel its very necessary to speak my heart again.

I just want to publically thank and acknowledge her and express my LOVE and gratitude.

God bless you Mrs. Katherine Jackson. 
Thank you for sharing your gifted son with us, with the world. 
Thank you for caring for and loving Michael's children.  

Below is my contribution to Mrs. Jackson's book just as it is still posted on the
MJ-Upbeat website as well as the link to the original.
There are many, many beautiful writings much better than mine on Bonnie's website.
Please visit and read them. Be blessed by them

November 14, 2009 To Mrs. Katherine Jackson From Betty Byrnes

You were there....
When God filled Michael’s little body, as he kicked in your womb, did you feel him dancing?
You saw his first beautiful, radiant smile and heard his first sweet angelic laugh.
Your ears heard the first time his sweet crescendo rose, filling the house.
You witnessed his first dance steps as he grooved to the sound of the washing machine.
Did you marvel to see his first audience clap for him at the laundry mat as he danced and sang?
You woke him for late night TV shows and sat with him watching his idol James Brown.
You were with him and your hearts broke together as you both sat watching and crying for the dying children in Africa on TV, you were the one he turned to and promised
“I will do something about that someday.”
Oh how he DID!

You carried his life within your heart and upon your shoulders as you walked along side him through joyful times and oh so very difficult times.
You were his beacon in the night, his comfort, his shelter, his lifter of spirits, his rock.

A Mother’s love...
He loved you beyond others could come close to his esteem for you.
No other could ever hold a candle to the bright, shining love he carried in his heart for you.
He emulated your love for him as he reached out to heal the world with empathy and compassion.
God filled him with a tender, sensitive, sweet, caring, giving spirit.
God instilled the most intelligent, creative, genius and musicality.
Of all the women in the universe God chose you to teach him how to share it with the world.
Oh how you DID!

A Mother’s heart ...
The world has lost the kindest, most loving man that has ever walked this planet as he emulated Jesus. I wish I could say we valued him as you did while he was here.
I am so sorry for all he endured by those who could never understand what a precious gem he was. Only a mother knows a son’s pain. I am so sorry for all you have endured.
No one will ever know what you feel. No words can describe a mother’s loss.
The world is left darker, more silent, and less joyful as his perfect pitch now entertains the heavens.
A love angel... yes, he truly was... but you have always known that.

You loved and shared him... he loved and changed the world...
He will forever be the fabric of love that governs my life... given by the Lord to bless.
I thank you Katherine, for sharing your beautiful, God gifted, seventh child, Michael.
Michael Joseph Jackson in life and in death has changed my life, and is still changing the world.
His love...the love you nurtured in him... lives on.

You are prayed for ...
I just simply can’t imagine the loss and emptiness you must feel.
We, his fans, all mourn; but you... you truly knew him with a mother’s heart.
The missing him, the loss, the grief must be unfathomable.
I pray for you, your whole family and especially Michael’s children.
I pray for peace, comfort and sweet memories to fill the void, to fill your days, nights and dreams.
I pray his smell lingers and a sense of closeness be there for you,
and chimes of his sweet laughter fill your ears on the difficult days as waves
of grief and acceptance ebb and flow.
God bless you always. You are a wonderful woman, mother and grandmother,
for as Michael said “My mother is perfection”.

God Bless You and Yours Always,
Betty Byrnes
(California, USA)
Most pictures care of Bonnie and MJ-Upbeat. Thank you Bonnie.


  1. It's nice to see this again. Thanks for bringing it to the forefront. It's nice to look back at so many fans feelings and words to the woman who gave birth to our man. :-)Thank you also Betty for your kind words about MJ-Upbeat. You're an angel. :-) - Love, Bonnie

  2. It's my honor Bonnie. Thank you for your wonderful encouragement. I cherish our friendship very much.
    LOVE & blessings, Betty

  3. Always love reading your beautiful writings about Michael. You always seem to have a message in there for all. You seem to know the right time to publish your stories. This was an absolute pleasure to wake to this on this beautiful morning. For what you say is true. If not for Katherine there would be no Michael. Michael saw in his mother perfection, what others see in her she is only human. Michael was only human to & may have had flaws as we all do but we see him as angelic. Mother & son a match made in heaven. At the end of the day it doesn't matter what we think. Their bond was one that most families seek there whole lives but doesn't always find. A bond like that should be cherished. Who are we to judge. None of us have ever walked in their shoes.We would not be human if we didn't make mistakes.

  4. Mjguardianangel, so perfectly said. Amen! We all need to continuously pray for Katherine and Michael's children. Not put negative words into the universe which tear down but pray and build up instead. The MJ fan world is sadly mistaken when they believe they have any say in how Michael's children are being raised. We do not. Ultimately that is our/my job for our own children and family. Michael's family feels apart of our family, our MJ family, and we all feel so close to them as well. So we should pray for them just as we do our own family. That is what I do. I find myself praying for them right along with my own family as well. Always pray... pray unceasingly.

  5. 10-18-2010; Michael Jackson Dream

    early this morning i was in my dream; i was inside a mansion belonging 2 michael jackson. i noticed how the surrounding work inside the home had a soft finished wood appearance. though i didn't really notice what garments he was wearing, i did notice he looked well dressed. we visited briefly, & in our visit, i was able 2 ask him about how the weather was in CA yr round. his reply was that it was very nice. i was able 2 then ask about the water temp. he replied that it was very nice, & he mentioned/spoke of some sort of 1-time water activity/event during winter. my final question was if he ever kept indoor pets. his reply expressed his preference not 2. we were still conversing when i awoke. right then, i felt God's Peace about michael.

    dream within 8 am hr

    about kathrine jackson

    early this morning i was in my dream; i was outside some sort of building, outside of a window. inside was kathrine & some other family members. she was upset about people posting bad stuff on the web. meaning well, i was trying to shield the family against it, & i put up a cover across the window intended to protect them from all of the negativity out there. kathrine immediately came & opened the window, & grabbed both my left arm & the curtain. she didn't understand at the moment that i was actually trying to help her & her family. i said, "I'm not trying to upset you" as i gently took her hand, explaining to her that i was trying to shield & protect her from the slander she's been experiencing. as i spoke to her, she seemed to calm down, as she walked away from the window, but left it open. her grandkids (michael's kids) were sitting w/ her where she went 2 sit back down 2 watch the outside activity.
    it sounds to me like she may be keeping a sharp eye on things, as her guard continues to be up. regardless of what happens out there, i'm trying to do my part to stop the slander, so the family can rest, & live at peace as they were intended to do.

  6. Betty, once again you have made me well up with tears. This post is sooo needed right now and I'm sooo happy God laid it on your heart to write this at this time! Isn't He just amazing?!? And so are you Betty! I love you very much! :-)

  7. Thank you for sharing this. I wonder how Katherine must have felt reading the sorrowful and how means something to have a child who means so much to so many people on such a profound level.

    PS: I read a story about Michael and a little dead baby Michael says a prayer...and climbs a tree to fix the nest so that other baby birds don't fall to their death. This story is attributed to your blog. Can you confirm? Can you please tell me the source? I want to submit it on the where they are accepting Michael's kindness stories and I would like to post it mentioning you as source. Thank you.

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    2. BlueLotus,
      Yes the I wrote the story you are referring to. If you go to my blog main page and scroll to the last story in the list July 2010. It is called "Michael and The Tree". Majestik the Magnificent a Jackson family friend told this story after court during the Conrad Murray arraignment. The fans met after court at a fan gathering and Majestik shared the story and I was led to put it in print. Please include the link to my blog when you post the story.
      Thank you so much for sharing and asking permission before posting.
      LOVE & Blessings,

    3. Thanks a lot Betty! God Bless! :-)

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