Saturday, March 26, 2011

Will You Be There? Sept 27th


A Plea for Peace and Unity 
To the Michael Jackson Fan Community 

Please join in at the courthouse
on Sept. 27th for Justice for Michael Jackson

Michael’s fans around the world are calling for peace, this is their deepest heart's wish. This is a call to ALL Michael Jackson fans to join together in front of the courthouse on the first day of the Conrad Murray trial.

Let's ALL come together and make a STAND, a STATEMENT 
to the world that we are still here for MICHAEL and we are NOT going ANYWHERE! 

Please try to be at the court house on Sept. 20th to make this stand of LOVE and JUSTICE for Michael and to support the Jacksons.  If you can't be there in person please pray for this PEACE gathering and support us from where ever you are in the world. We need your support and prayers. 


Where and When:
Sept. 27, 2011
8:00 a.m. PST 
Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center/Courthouse - courtyard 
210 West Temple Street
Los Angeles, California 90012


Please come and join hands in SOLIDARITY for JUSTICE for MICHAEL JACKSON. Let's show the world that we STILL LOVE and SUPPORT Michael Jackson and ALWAYS WILL.

We plan to do our best to join in and hold hands in an extended line across the courtyard or on the front upper sidewalk in rows or around the building or where ever we are permitted to do so. We are His Voice Now. If you can make it please come and stand in SOLIDARITY for JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL JACKSON.

The reality is there has been so much bickering and hurtful mud slinging and accusations, so much fighting in the fan community of Southern California in the last year and as the trial approaches I feel a huge tug on my heart to reach out to all fans all over the world; especially in Southern California and beseech each and every one of you who ever loved Michael Jackson in anyway what so ever to lay aside your feelings of anger, hurt, resentment, personal vendettas or ill feelings toward one another and UNITE in PEACE for Michael. 

Please join in. Let’s mobilize, to make a stand in PEACE and UNITY for JUSTICE for Michael. No matter what group you belong to, no matter what shirt you wear, no matter what avenue of belief about how or why Michael died or who was responsible, no matter if you bought the new CD or agree with the Estate or not, no matter whom you may hold accountable for his death or even if you believe he isn’t really dead… PLEASE join together as ONE in PEACE and UNITY for one day, the first day of the trial in front of the court house in Los Angeles.

If you live too far away to physically attend please be there in spirit for Michael. No matter where you live, please come together in prayer for PEACE, UNITY and JUSTICE for Michael Jackson. Support all attending by lifting us up in prayer and if you don’t pray then lift up everyone attending at the court house with your good thoughts and support.

Michael Needs You!
Michael’s Children and Family Need Your Support!

Please read the following note from MJ fan Jan Carlson 3/26/2011: 
For those of you planning on being outside the courthouse to support Mrs. Katherine Jackson and the Jackson family in their attendance at the trial, close your eyes for a moment and picture this:

Hundreds of Michael Jackson’s fans from around the world gathered together to demonstrate unity and solidarity with their cause in prayerful, respectful silence.
Imagine the family approaching the courthouse for what will, undoubtedly, be a very emotionally-trying several months and encountering hundreds of people with heads bowed in reverent memory of their son and father and brother instead of a seething mass of humanity undulating in angry waves with their clenched fists raised in the air.
Imagine Katherine and Prince, Paris and Blanket walking towards the courthouse in Los Angeles surrounded by silent, mindful people who show their awareness of the solemnity of the occasion by holding banners framing pictures of their son and daddy and words like “You Are Not Alone” and “We Are Here With You” and “We Are The World” and “We Remember Michael” and “Michael’s Army of Love” emblazoned in giant letters across them. 
Picture clusters of people singing the words to one of Michael’s many songs with messages of peace and forgiveness, holding hands while singing You Are Not Alone or Heal the World or Hold My Hand or “We can change the world, you don’t have to do it by yourself. We can touch the sky. Gonna take all of us to help. We’re the chosen ones.” Wouldn’t that be more healing than hurling bitter feeling?

And for all of us stuck at home and unable to be in Los Angeles for the trial, wouldn’t our spiritual support for the peaceful demonstration pictured above accompanied by visualizing the most beneficial outcome for all concerned be a more healing substitute for the bitter judgments in which we are currently engaging?

Do you want the world to pay attention to what you are demonstrating for? Prayerful silence is the shot heard ‘round the world … deafening. News crews will be totally speechless … they won’t know what to think or say. It would be so beautiful to watch their dumbfounded faces as they tried to comprehend what they were seeing.
Do we want the world … and Michael’s family … to know that we got it?
Do you want to scare the plain, unsparkly socks off the medialoid?
Do you want to shame the Dimonds and Bashirs and Sneddons right out of their lying little hearts. 
It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.
Credit and thanks to Debbie for the beautiful ONE MJ picture.

Spanish Face Book fans asking for peace (please copy and paste URL):

Who'z Bad?! Enough to Live a Life of 
Peace and Non-Violence?!
Take the pledge for Peace and Non Violence at The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait
(please copy and paste URL):


  1. I will be there, if not in body, certainly in mind, starting now. I will let everyone that I have contact with know about this opportunity to show Michael that we really do understand his message of L.O.V.E.

  2. Oh how I wish I lived in the States and could be part of this. It's so hard being so far away.
    I live in the UK, so unless I win the lottery....
    I will very much be there in spirit, and I hope this vision of peace and unity becomes reality ouitside the courthouse.
    ♥ It's all for L.O.V.E and legacy ♥

  3. Let's all start visualizing this happening TODAY! Let's not wait! The Spirit of Truth is pictured at the top of this post. Let's start supporting this peaceful, respectful demonstration of support for Michael and his family occurring with short visualization exercises at least once a day until this thing happens.

    Join with us ... it doesn't matter where you live ... it doesn't matter which group you belong to ... we can join together in the spirit of peace and truth by visualizing the courthouse surrounded by people committed to a higher type of consciousness than we have displayed in prior events. Let's "show the world" as Michael sang so often.

    Michael ... we love you more!

  4. I would give anything in the world to attend but since I live at the opposite end of the coast,I can't. But oh my heart will definitly be there for healing and support of Michaels children,parents,and siblings as well as Michaels fans.This will be a trying time for us all. Through peace, L.O.V.E. and respect for Michael and everyone who ever loved him lets all unite and carry on his wonderful legecy and make him proud. blessings to you all!

  5. God Bless You Betty! I am now and will continue to be with you in spirit through my prayers and good thoughts for a peaceful demonstration of our LOVE for Michael and his family. You have my unwavering support, dear friend! I LOVE you...
    ~ Char ~

  6. I will be there with my Heart and my Soul, and I hope this vision of peace and unity becomes reality . I live to Germany .
    It's all for Love . It's all for Michael .
    God bless she all .

  7. Well said Betty. I am with you!
    God bless you all

  8. I will be sending you love and prayers - I am so proud of you all - standing tall and reverent for Michael and his family - standing defiant in the face of the media hellhound pack - standing united in love and compassion for all the world as only MJ fans can.
    L.O.V.E and blessings to you all xxx

  9. j'habite trop loin mais je serais en pensée avec vous ce jour là.MICHAEL vivra à tout jamais dans nos coeurs.<3 I <3 LOVE <3 YOU <3 FOREVER <3 MICHAEL <3 <3