Thursday, September 30, 2010

Holly Terrace Sunflowers

The beautiful little girl with pigtails jumped from her mother’s arms
with glee and ran to the door of
Holly Terrace,
eagerly peering through the crack.
Just at the end of the long corridor,

if you looked just right, you could see a noble, marble crypt.
The sun was hitting the Ascension stained glass window
and the entire scene was
filled with glorious light.
Many, many more bright and glowing sunflowers

adorned this kings resting place.
A beautiful breath taking sight and outside was a
veritable forest of sunflowers

lined up by the doors to the Kings resting place.

Suddenly she turned to look at her mother with a
shocked and stricken look on her
face shrieked,
“I can’t see him! I can’t see him! He isn’t there, Mommy!!
I want to see him!!

Why can’t I see him? Where did he go mommy?”
She began to sob, uncontrollable, inconsolable, heartbroken sobs.
She ran back to her mother’s comforting and safe arms and
held on tight and just cried.
The adults all stood there unable to breath, unable to speak,
grappling for the words
to try to console and explain… yet there were none.

Yes this little angelic baby she said it all.
We can’t see him, our King, we can’t see him.
Why did he have to go?
Our hearts are broken still.

Suddenly a grown up notices and points to a discovery,
back inside the sunflower forest just resting at the base of the sunflowers
is a tiny angel someone has left for Michael, our King.
It rests and sleeps guarding the King’s door.
The child is consoled at last and content
to wander in the sunflower forest but continually,
apprehensively looking toward the door
where her King can not be seen.

How do you explain death to a child?
Her mother says “She doesn’t understand.
She LOVES Michael Jackson and
she sees him sing and dance on TV.
She can’t understand why she can’t see him now.”

We the adults grasp at answers as well and can only nod our heads.
Yes how do you explain the death of Michael Jackson?

Forever in our hearts.

How strange that all these tears
could not wash away the hurt!
Then one thought of love pierced my bitterness.
I remembered you in the sunlight,
with a smile as sweet as May wine.
A tear of gratitude started to fall,
and miraculously, you were back.
Soft fingers touched my check,
and you bent over for a kiss.
“Why have you come?” I whispered.
“To wipe away your last tear,” you replied.
“It was the one you saved for me.”

Excerpt from The Last Tear
Michael Jackson, from his book “Dancing The Dream”


  1. Dear Betty,
    Tears are flowing as I read this - and I doubt if there will ever be a last tear for Michael. This is a precious story about a beautiful little girl who feels that love for Michael just like us, and wants to know why she can't see him, just like us! Michael's love surely transcends many generations and it knows no boundaries. The question "How do you explain the death of Michael Jackson?" continues to go unanswered even for us adults who have a clearer understanding of death. But what about the children? All the beautiful children around the world who love him, but can't understand why he's no longer here and why are they just now learning about him? My grandson, who shares a birthday with Michael, often says to me "I wish I would have known him before he died. Maybe I could have seen him sing and dance on the stage. That would be so cool!" He also asks about how Michael died, and I do my best to explain it in a way that he may understand, as much as a 7 year old can understand these things. It breaks my heart. But I am also happy that all these young people understand enough about Michael to FEEL his love through his music and the stories we tell of him. Thank you for sharing this touching story, Betty.
    Much Love to you, my friend...
    ~ Charlene

  2. Oh Betty this is wondrous indeed - how the little ones continue to 'get Michael' without any effort whatsoever - the love that Michael shared with us all, transcends time and space and will exist in our universe for all eternity. We are so truly blessed to have this life experience amongst fellow MJ family who we can truly say we love - again without any effort. What a miracle Michael has created - we are part of that miracle and my heart is ever filled with wonder at the same time as with longing for his return .....